Lamar Jackson responds to Patrick Queen’s request for his number

The NFL is looking for new rules that would ease the restrictions on players who can wear which numbers. And that gave Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen an idea.

Queen, who wore the number 8 in college at LSU, imagines his previous number. There’s just one problem … with the Ravens, that number belongs to star quarterback and former NFL MVP Lamar Jackson.

But hey, there’s no way of knowing without asking, is there? And Queen did just that on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, Jackson didn’t seem interested in the idea.


– Lamar Jackson (@ Lj_era8) April 10, 2021

It’s understandable that Queen would want to change. After having a single-digit number at LSU, he was forced to occupy number 48 thanks to the NFL’s strict numbering policy that limits linebackers to numbers 40-59 and 90-99.

Queen fared well with the new number. After the Ravens placed him number 28 overall in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he became an instant batsman in the Baltimore defense. He finished the season with 102 tackles, three sacks, two forced fumbling, two recovered fumbling and one interception. That earned him a spot on the Pro Football Writers Association’s all-rookie team.

In week 5 he was particularly dominant against his former teammate Joe Burrow. Queen won the Ravens with nine tackles, including a strip sack Burrow, which he also regained. He also recovered another fumble in the game, taking it back for a touchdown 53 yards. He was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance.

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