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Jim Hogan from Ladysmith is a man of many names: “Springy Shoe Guy”, “Jerry Springer”, “Bouncy Guy” and most importantly “Moon Boot Man”.

Hogan’s many monikers come from his unique running shoes. An avid jogger, Hogan wears Kangoo-Jumps, a specialized brand of “rebound shoes” that reduce the effects of jogging on his joints.

“It’s kind of a spectacle,” he said. “I did my run in the evening and there were more people on the way. There was always someone who stopped their car and wanted to hear what it was about. “

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These days, Hogan takes to the streets early in the morning so he doesn’t see his enthusiastic fans as often as he used to.

A recent post on the Around Town Ladysmith Facebook forum received multiple comments from people who love to see ‘Moon Boot Man’ on the streets of Ladysmith. Hogan is not a Facebook user but has been shown some comments and appreciates the kind words.

Hogan bought his first pair of kangoo jumps from the Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic in 2002 and has been using kangoo jumps ever since.

“I bought a few pairs because they don’t last forever. But they take the shock completely out of the running so I didn’t have any joint problems … that’s why, ”he said.

While the shoes did wonders for Hogan’s joints, they aren’t always the most reliable footwear.

“I always have a pair of running shoes under my arm. If the [Kangoo-Jumps] Take a break, you can’t walk on them. “

Over the years, the reliability of the shoes has improved. Hogan estimates the shoes can last about five to ten times as long as they did in the 2000s.

“They are great. Now when I try to run in regular running shoes I can feel the shock. It doesn’t take much to get used to them, and they are just great. It’s a bit like on a trampoline, only that you run, ”said Hogan.

“The only thing that’s not so good is that you can’t be on hold. I used to be stubborn – I would go no matter what the weather, but if you hit a bit of ice on the sidewalk, the steps slide a bit and it sends you for a total facial plant. I learned that the hard way. “

When he’s not in his “moon boots”, Hogan is the CEO of VMAC Global Technologies, a Nanaimo-based mobile air compressor company that exports to over 300 partners on five continents.

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