Kroger shows meat based on plants like hot dogs, bacon sells better in the meat department

The test showed that sales of these herbal substitutes when sold in the meat department increased by 23%. By region, sales in Illinois and Indiana (areas known to be less adaptable to plant-based meat) grew 32% and Denver (an area that is already trending) grew 13%.

84.51 ° conducted the test, which included customer interviews and emails, training for store staff, audits and sales analysis. The section’s control test ran from December 2019 through February, comparing 60 stores in Colorado, Indiana, and Illinois with a plant-based section in the meat section versus stores without.

“This study shows that it is important for retailers to put vegetable meat where it is expected by buyers: in the meat department. Other retailers will be sure to make this change with this new data, ”said Julie Emmett, senior director, retail partnerships for PBFA in San Francisco.

“This test provides further evidence that plant-based meat has moved from niche to mainstream,” said Sean Brislin, director of merchandising at Kroger, Cincinnati. “Kroger continues to see double-digit growth in the Plants category, and this test shows that it makes sense to move product placements to reach even more customers. We thank the Plant Based Foods Association for working with us on this insightful merchandising research project. “

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