Kroger gives its employees a one-time thank you bonus for working during a pandemic, which reduces the hourly pay increase

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CINCINNATI – Kroger employees receive a one-time bonus for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The company said qualified full-time workers will receive $ 400 and qualified part-time workers will receive $ 200. The money will be paid out in two installments on May 30th and June 18th.

The “thank you” bonuses and the “recognition allowance” bonuses granted to employees in March. Kroger also offered an hourly “Hero Bonus” of $ 2 for workers ending May 23rd.

Kroger’s decision to end the “hero bonus” was met with sharp reactions from the union, which, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, asked the company to continue the hourly bonuses as long as the pandemic persists.

Kroger announced that it will extend its COVID-19 emergency vacation program, which gives paid time off to employees most directly affected by the virus or who have related symptoms.

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