Kroger creates Coronavirus Crisis Guide

The Kroger Co. serves as a beacon for American business by creating a great design for retailers, restaurants and food service companies, manufacturers, logistics and distribution centers, and other industries to follow when they make plans for safe during COVID Create working environments. 19 crisis.

Krogers Blueprint for Businesses contains actionable recommendations and insights that the company has applied over the past six weeks to protect its employees, customers and communities, as well as what it has done through regular interactions with business leaders in other countries including Italy, Singapore and Canada, China has learned – everyone was ahead of the US in terms of pandemic cycling through their countries.

“With nearly 2,800 grocery stores, 35 manufacturing facilities, 44 distribution centers, and 460,000 employees across the country, Kroger has learned and continues to learn as he keeps our stores and supply chains open and serves America during the pandemic,” said Rodney McMullen. Krogers Chairman and CEO. “As an essential company, we have pursued our goal of nurturing the human spirit and taking comprehensive measures to protect our employees, customers and the supply chain. We share what we have learned to help companies reopen safely and in sync with their respective state plans. “

Many of the recommendations in Kroger’s Crisis Guide can be customized for each industry, and the draft includes a number of different, conscious processes for several key sectors including: retail, manufacturing, distribution centers / supply chain, food service / restaurants, and office environments.

Late last week, several U.S. governors and business associations asked Kroger to help their state’s businesses reopen safely. Kroger said it developed this new platform – – within 36 hours to provide instant support to states and businesses with plans to update with new insights in real time.

“We have decided from the start of this crisis that transparency, agility and responsiveness are our guiding principles, and we now share what we have learned as an extension of our values. It is vital for companies that their values ​​match their actions and actions conduct.” Developing protocols and procedures before re-entering the market to reopen safely, protect customers and employees, and smooth the curve, “said McMullen.” We understand that not all companies are created equal. What worked for us may not work for some companies. And while there is no “one thing” that makes a difference, a comprehensive, well-thought-out approach to security will produce better results. “

Elements of Kroger’s Blueprint are now available to retail stores on, including a 17-page PDF and downloadable in-store creative elements including signs and audio files. Kroger says it will continue to update the blueprint in the coming days and weeks, providing additional recommendations, insights, best practices, tools, and templates for other industries.

“We share our insights with the same spirit with which many executives around the world have generously shared their experiences with our company. This has helped us anticipate the steps we must take to keep our employees and customers safe to offer, “said McMullen. “We know we don’t have all the answers and we won’t have all the answers – no company or organization will. We all need to openly share the ingenuity that has always been at the heart of American free enterprise to get by.” All of this together enables America to come out stronger. “

Click here to view Kroger’s full corporate draft.

Kroger is leading the way in responding and adapting to what has caused the pandemic in the business world since February.

Last week, Kroger, along with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), called for temporary official designation of food workers as “first responders.” The label would improve food workers’ access to even scarcer personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, McMullen said.

“Given the significant daily risk these workers are exposed to, we urge all our leaders to take immediate action,” McMullen said in a joint statement with UFCW President Marc Perrone. “Make no mistake, this label is absolutely critical as it ensures that these frontline workers have priority access to personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.”

Kroger has hired more than 32,700 new employees in the past few weeks, many from restaurants, hotels and food service outlets that have been closed due to the coronavirus.

In addition, the grocer and his Zero Hunger | The Zero Waste Foundation has allocated more than $ 3 million in hunger relief resources to the communities hardest hit by the coronavirus.

“Since the outbreak of this pandemic, the Kroger family of companies, who are also members of the UFCW, have worked tirelessly to ensure that millions of American families receive the fresh food and produce they need. Food workers are vital and must be protected in our communities “added McMullen.

Kroger started taking COVID-19 tests for free in Kentucky last week. Kroger, who has partnered with Microsoft, will be running a digital registration process at so users can schedule their drive-thru tests. The sites are expected to test around 250 vehicles per day.

“We believe this process is the first in the state of Kentucky and may be a very easy way to sign up for the test nationwide,” Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger Health, told the Enquirer.

Lindholz said Kroger’s tests are done through self-administered swabs.

“We do this because on the one hand it is less invasive for the patient. On the other hand, it saves personal protective equipment, which is great. On the other hand, we can test more people on the same day,” said Lindholz.

Kroger is based in Cincinnati and employs nearly half a million people who serve more than 9 million customers daily through a seamless digital shopping experience and 2,769 food retail stores under a variety of banner names. The company is number 2 on Progressive Grocer’s 2019 Super 50 list of the top grocers in the United States.

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