Know your enemy: Cincinnati Reds

Last time

The moment that stood out the most last time was the fact that Tony didn’t understand a certain extra innings rule. Since the game was played in an NL stadium, La Russa should have replaced Abreu in second place for Hendriks. However, Hendriks remained a baserunner, the White Sox scored no goal and Hendriks allowed the winning run in the lower tenth. While that game had a disappointing ending, Dylan Cease absolutely dominated the first of two games in the series.

During the first game, Cease tossed a hit for six innings, hit 11, and got three hits on his first MLB record appearance (and the first time he’d faced live pitching since high school). He was the first White Sox pitcher to score three goals in a game since Tom Bradley on May 14, 1972 against Baltimore. A year later, the designated hitter was deployed. The next day, La Russa’s ignorance of the new extra innings rule came into play and ultimately cost the White Sox the game.

How are you

We all know how it is for that White socks (89-68). Meanwhile it is Red (82-75) are poised to end the season in third place behind Milwaukee and St. Louis. After running close to the wild card for most of the second half, their chances have dropped to just under 1% to hit the postseason.

The Reds are not mathematically eliminated as they have a tiny chance of stealing a spot in the wild card matchup if they enter Chicago for their final road trip. Subsequent Reds defeat or Cardinals victory will place the cards in last place on the Wild Card in the National League. On the plus side, the Reds have set a win record for the first time since 2013 during an entire season of play.

As for hitting, Nick Castellanos hits the ball everywhere. He leads on batting average (.310), RBI (97) and hits (161), while Joey Votto leads on home runs (97). Wade Miley leads the rotation in ERA (3.37) while Tyler Mahle leads in strikeouts (204).

On the road, Reds 38-38 and 9-11 are in the last 20. They have a run difference of +43 this season and have won four times in a row. The Reds are 9-9 in the Inter-League game and 42-31 against central opponents.

Pitching matches

today will be Reynaldo López vs. Riley O’Brien. Lopez is 3-3 over 51 1⁄3 innings with a 3.16 ERA. In his last seven starts, he’s 1-3 over 28 1⁄3 innings with a 4.76 ERA. López has never competed against the Reds as a starter.

The Reds recently promoted Riley O’Brien to the starting order. He scored an ERA of 4.55 in the Triple-A with the Louisville Bats and will make his debut. The Reds got O’Brien in the deal with the Rays last season for Cody Reed. He is number 24 in the organization and made his Triple A debut this season. He was selected by the Rays in the eighth round in 2017 and has been in the minors for the past five seasons.

Wednesday will be Carlos Rodón against Sonny Gray. Rodon has been suffering from arm pain for a while, so he may be limited to innings on Wednesday to save his arm for the post-season game. This season he’s 12-5 with a 2.47 ERA. He faced the Reds once (May 2015) and won the six innings win with a 3.00 ERA. In his last seven starts, Rodón is 4-2 over 31 innings with a 3.48 ERA.

Gray is 7-8 this season over 130 2⁄3 innings with a 3.99 ERA. He is 3-2 in his last seven starts over 40 innings with a 2.93 ERA. He has faced the White Sox five times, most recently during their trip to Cincinnati in May, and he stands 3-0 against the team in his five starts against them and a 3.30 ERA over 30 innings. Gray has six pitches in his arsenal: Sinker, 4-Seam Fastball, Curveball, Slider, Cutter and Changeup.

Why we still hate her

(Pete Rose sucks)

Chili doesn’t drink spaghetti, Amir Garrett deserves to be on a good team, and Mr. Redlegs is just Snidely Whiplash Mr. Met.

– Jon (@jonklemke) September 28, 2021

Thom Brennaman, Marge Schott, the left field terrace of Crosley Field, the fact that, despite a mood, Joey Votto is so personable that he’s annoying and for some reason Mario Soto.

– constantvariable1974 (@ visorboy1974) September 27, 2021

Looks like the person on the right has great value on these seats. Comes with a neck fan

– Darrin D. Brown (@ _dbrown_23) September 27, 2021

Mr. Redlegs’s number is 27. Why? BC wanted the owner to re-elect Nixon.

– PatfromtheBronx (@Patinthebronx) September 28, 2021

I’m pulling the Pete Rose thing back. Don’t worry about gambling anymore.

– White Sox Truther (@ SamR33v3s) September 27, 2021

Same reason I hate the Mariners and one of my myriad reasons I hate the White Sox: their failure to get Ken Griffey Jr. a ring

– Mark Bussey (@Mark_Bussey) September 27, 2021

Pete Rose is recognized as a pedophile and people just seem to overlook it

– AJ (@ AJEarley4) September 27, 2021

I sat through a two hour rain delay there once. I was pregnant, sick, exhausted, emotional, wet and cold … but I tried to hold out for my husband, whose team was in town.

That was six years ago and I still screw him for not offering to leave early.

– jac-BOO-line (@zombie_jacki) September 28, 2021

Marge Schott, Castellanos will not give them to us, and Skyline Chili, because Castellanos goes deep into the left field …

– Major BS ⚾️ (@ BenChiTownKid98) September 27, 2021

How do you run the Cardinals roughly through the division when you have Casey, Griffey and Dunn 2-3-4? Get like a pitcher and no Aaron Harang doesn’t count.

– Pinned tweet = TX Abortion Fund (@rahulastrohl) September 27, 2021

I don’t hate the reds. I think they are consistently underperforming for the league they are in and there is a drive from Castellanos into deep left field and that will make it a 4-0 ball game. I don’t know if I’ll ever put this headset on again.

– Tripple off the cycle (@danielrtripp) September 27, 2021

The Great American Ballpark is the only ballpark in the world that has home plate in one state and if you knock it right out of the stadium the ball will land in a different state …

– Patrick Curran (@ IUB1G) September 27, 2021

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