Kentucky supporters are motivated by election results that legalize marijuana

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – There was no red or blue wave across America on election day, but a green wave was seen by many in Kentucky.

Voters in a number of states decided Tuesday whether to legalize marijuana for various uses.

“I thought we were way off Mississippi,” said Brent Goss, Kentucky medical cannabis veteran.

Medical marijuana will now be legal in Mississippi after voters approved it with around 70% support.

“When you see states that are legal all around you, Illinois, I mean I can cross the river,” Goss said. “I can go across the river to Ohio and get it. Why shouldn’t I be able to buy this plant on my corner like I can buy a pack of cigarettes? “

Recreational use was approved on election night in Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota and Montana. These states join 11 others and Washington DC

Goss said drug use cleared the Kentucky House of Representatives earlier this year and he believes it would be legalized by the Senate if COVID-19 didn’t affect the session.

“Now my wife almost died of seizures,” said Goss. “My wife needs secure access to the entire system. Just don’t smoke. She must be able to take the tinctures. The children need the tinctures. I need the tinctures. There is more value in the marijuana plant than just sitting around and getting high. “

Patrick Dunegan, director of the Kentucky Cannabis Freedom Coalition, is working with lawmakers to draft a Kentucky Responsible Use Cannabis Bill to legalize and decriminalize various uses of marijuana and hemp beyond medical use.

“It shouldn’t be called leisure,” said Dunegan. “From that point on, it should be labeled as responsible cannabis use. We are responsible adults. Because of the COVID virus, Kentucky needs this resource for its budget more than ever. “

Dunegan said he believes the legislation has a chance to pass. The passage of a medical marijuana law by the unicameral house earlier this year was the furthest it has ever made in the General Assembly regarding the legalization of marijuana.

“Chances are I’ll say pretty well,” said Dunegan. “I’m feeling pretty good about it because of the COVID virus. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. “

Both asked people to call their lawmakers to bring legalization into the state.

“I hope our Kentucky lawmakers will listen,” said Dunegan of the recent election results that legalize cannabis use. “For them to see this comes to Kentucky one way or another. It couldn’t be next year. It might not be this year, but it will be here one way or another. If you vote against, you are voting against history. “

Goss said he won’t just go anywhere that cannabis is legal because Kentucky is his home.

“Now I have great-grandchildren, not just grandchildren,” he said. “I have people who I love and who are important to me, that I cannot go. I will not go. I’ll sit here and be an outlaw. I will be someone who breaks the law. “

The Kentucky General Assembly will meet in January.

Oregon also legalized psychedelic mushrooms and decriminalized small amounts of street drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines on election night.

Washington DC decriminalized entheogenic plants and mushrooms.

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