Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones from the air following FEC complaint

Jones filed papers with the Federal Election Commission for his exploratory committee that year, and then filed disbursement reports. The complaint, filed by Kentucky Republican Party Chairman J. McCauley Brown, argues that Jones is using the radio show as a platform to promote his candidacy and that funding and expenses for his travel through the state for the book are reported as campaign funding should be.

“Matt Jones must be held responsible immediately if he misuses multiple platforms paid for by his corporate sponsors to unlawfully promote his candidacy for the US Senate,” Brown said in a statement. “His attempts to hide these violations from both the FEC and the public only add to their gravity. RPK’s complaint is an important first step in stopping Jones’ apparent federal failure, and we are calling on the FEC to impose a swift and severe penalty. “

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In a telephone interview Thursday, Jones said, “This is classic bullying behavior by Mitch McConnell.” He added that he understood iHeart’s decision to airborne him while considering a Senate run. Regarding a possible Senate run, Jones said he would make a decision “very soon”.

McConnell’s campaign manager Kevin Golden said in a statement, “Team Mitch has absolutely no concern about Matt’s show. It appears that his business relationships are concerned with his ability to comply with federal law. “

The 40-year-old Jones started the Kentucky Sports Radio blog in 2005, which soon turned into a radio show of the same name and launched his media career. The show airs every weekday and is broadcast to more than 150 stations across Kentucky.

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In August, Jones announced that he was writing a book entitled “Mitch, Please,” which will critically examine McConnell’s tenure as Senator and for which Jones would travel to all 120 Commonwealth counties. “Social changes have massively transformed Kentucky’s two largest economic engines – tobacco and coal,” Jones said at the time. “Not only did Mitch McConnell fail to stop it, he did little to nothing to replace them while being perhaps the most powerful legislature in the world.”

McConnell’s campaign then replied, “A lot of people know Matt’s book report from the original title when they called it Elizabeth Warren’s blunt speech.”

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