Kentucky Representative Under Fire After Turning Off Controversial Tweet | news

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WDRB) – A representative from Kentucky is under fire after a now-deleted social media post.

Thomas Massie tweeted a picture of a person’s hand with a number on their wrist. The photo says, “If you need to carry a card with you to access a restaurant, venue or event in your own country, this is no longer a free country.”

Massie, who represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District, didn’t write anything next to the picture.

A tweet from Rep. Thomas Massie that has since been deleted.

“Denigrating the victims and survivors of the Holocaust for the sake of cheap political points is ignorant, shameful and has no place in our politics or American society,” the Kentucky Democratic Party said in a statement.

“It shouldn’t be up to the Kentucky Jewish community to keep attacking these crazy political games. I hope all leaders, including Massie’s GOP colleagues, join us in denouncing this behavior. The Kentucky I know is and deserves better. “

Massie has since deleted the tweet.

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