Kentucky politicians respond to the chaos in the Washington, DC capital

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Kentucky Republican Party and other politicians condemn the protests.

“Today’s events in the US Capitol are tragic, outrageous and devastating. They are in complete contradiction to the basic values ​​of our constitutional republic. The United States is an extraordinary nation because we resolve our differences peacefully – through the ballot box, the courts, and our democratic institutions – and not through force. What happens in the Capitol is NOT who we are as a nation, it has to stop NOW. I pray for peace, unity, and the brave men and women of the Capitol Hill Police, Washington DC Police and peaceful protesters in harmful ways. May God bless our country, ”said Congressman Andy Barr.

“We denounce and strongly condemn the angry mob that stormed the US Capitol today. Violence is never acceptable and has no place in our democracy. The individuals involved in this criminal behavior are dangerous and destructive and should be held fully accountable. We want to thank the brave law enforcement men and women who protect our leaders and pray for a speedy and peaceful end to this situation. “- Kentucky Republican Party Chairman Mac Brown

“At this point, my staff and I are safe and I am in an unknown location after clearing the floor of the house when protesters found their way into the Capitol. The outrageous riots and acts of violence in the Capitol are totally unacceptable and not what we are as a nation of law and order. Mob violence is wrong regardless of political affiliation, ”said Congressman James Comer.

“Violence is never the answer. As my co-workers and I seek shelter, I am appalled that Americans are storming the Capitol to disrupt our foundations of democracy. I believe every voice should be heard, but violent methods fall on deaf ears. I relentlessly denounce the violence that is taking place in Washington that threatens the lives of innocent people. We have to maintain law and order in this country, ”said Congressman Hal Rogers.

“I wrote a speech today. I meant to say I fear the mess of creating a precedent in which Congress can overturn elections. Boy was I right? Chaos. Anarchy. It’s wrong and un-American. The vote that we are going to cast is important. Now more than ever. The question is: should Congress override states ‘certified results and remove states’ right to hold elections? Today’s vote is not a protest; Today’s vote is literally to overthrow the election! Voting to overthrow state-screened elections would be the opposite of what state Republicans have always advocated. This would doom the electoral college to failure forever. Our founders never intended for Congress to have the power to overthrow audited elections. My constitutional oath does not allow me to break the law. I cannot vote to overturn the state judgment. Such a vote would mean overturning everything that is dear to the hearts of those of us who support the rights of states in this great system of federalism that our founders have bequeathed to us. The electoral college was created to give states the power to select presidential electors. The electoral college is, without question, an inseparable friend to those who believe that every American in our vast country deserves to be heard. If Congress were given the power to overthrow state elections. . . what a terrible mess would follow. Imagine the excitement against the electoral college when Congress becomes a forum to overthrow states’ electoral college boards. It’s one thing to be angry. Constructively focusing the anger is another matter. That didn’t happen today, to say the least. We simply cannot destroy the Constitution, our laws, and the electoral college in the process. I hope that when the nation’s anger cools, we can turn that energy into major electoral reform in every state. America is admired worldwide for our free elections. It is imperative that we resolve this mess and restore the confidence and integrity of our elections, ”wrote Senator Rand Paul.

For a statement from Governor Beshear on what happened in the United States Capitol:

– Governor Andy Beshear (@GovAndyBeshear) January 6, 2021

“Today’s actions in the US Capitol are disgusting and despicable. Violence, destruction and looting are not the strategies of the patriots, but the weapons of the anarchists. They are the instruments used to limit democracy in countries around the world and are not tolerated in the United States of America. With this situation resolved, we need to look back and see what brought us here and find a path that is paved with respect, ”said David Osborne, spokesman for Kentucky House.

“Together we send in good conscience our prayers across the country for the safety of the first responders, the Capitol Police, and members of Congress and their staff who emerge to fulfill one of the most important tasks of Congress, certification unnecessarily jeopardized by an anarchist mob eager to tear down the fabric of our democracy in order to save a man’s ego.

There is no excuse for this violence and this lack of respect for our nation. All leaders, regardless of party, should not only denounce these actions but reaffirm that we in the United States will not storm capitals with guns if the election results are not what we want.

For 243 years our nation has held the peaceful change of power as the north star of our republic. We cannot give up our ideals in this dark hour. As Americans, we share a collective responsibility to oppose terrorism at home and abroad. Today is a day that local terrorists tried to take our nation hostage and we will not bow down.

Again we ask all Kentuckians, in the spirit of their own change of faith, to lift up our nation in prayer today and every day. May God guide us through this terrifying moment and unite us to preserve our republic for generations to come. And for parents who like my wife and I need to explain today’s events at the dinner table, let your kids know that it’s okay to worry and even be afraid, but America is strong, our values ​​are true and even in this darkness, we shall overcome, “said Colmon Elridge, chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

“The events that took place in Washington, DC today were tragic and should never have happened. This deplorable act of violence that took place in the Capitol Building should be condemned by all, ”said Robert Stivers, President of the Kentucky Senate.

“What happened in Washington DC today is not who we are or what we stand for as a nation. We condemn these acts and all plans to undermine our constitutional protection. It is time we as Americans unite and send a strong message that acts of violence will not be tolerated. “- – House and Senate Democratic leaders Joni Jenkins and Morgan McGarvey

“The United States Senate will not be intimidated. We are not kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs or threats. We will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation. We’re back to our posts. We will do our constitutional duty to our nation. And we’ll do it tonight. This afternoon, Congress began honoring the will of the American people and counting the votes of the electoral college. We have performed this solemn duty every four years for more than two centuries. Whether our nation was at war or at peace, under all sorts of threats, even during an ongoing armed insurgency and civil war, the clockwork of our democracy has gone on. The United States and the United States Congress have faced far greater threats than the people we have seen today. We have never been deterred and we will not be deterred today. You tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed. This failed attempt to obstruct Congress, this failed insurrection only underscores the importance of the task before us for our republic. Our nation was founded in such a way that the free choice of the American people shapes our self-government and determines the fate of our nation. Don’t be afraid. No violence. But the peaceful expression of the will of the people. We gathered this afternoon to count our citizens’ votes and formalize their election of the next president. Now we’re going to finish what we started. We will properly complete this process through the book. We will closely follow our precedents, our laws, and our constitution. And we will confirm the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Criminal behavior will never dominate the United States Congress. This institution is resilient. Our democratic republic is strong. The American people deserve nothing less, ”said Senator Mitch McConnell.

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