Kentucky electoral college representatives will officially cast their votes on Monday

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) – At 12:00 noon on Monday, December 14, representatives of the Kentucky Electoral College will meet and cast the official ballots for the President of the United States, but like everything else, this year will be different.

Voters usually meet in the Kentucky Supreme Court, but this year they meet in the Senate Chamber to create more social distance.

Public participation is limited. The event is streamed.

We have just completed the rehearsal for Kentucky’s electoral college meeting I’m going to host. As a lifelong student and admirer of our constitutional system, I am particularly pleased about this.

– KY SOS Michael Adams (@KYSecState) December 10, 2020

With President Trump Kentucky won, the Republican Party will select the eight voters.

We asked Secretary of State Michael Adams if those eight votes had any impact on the lawsuits that President Trump’s attorneys filed to contest the election.

“There was no argument that Kentucky had a successful and clean election, so there is no argument about who ran the state for different races. There are no recounts in our choice. “Sec. Said Adams. “So now we’re going to take the final steps to report those votes to Congress.”

Secretary of State Adams will receive these eight votes, sign them, and send them to Congress. On January 6th, Congress will announce the votes.

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