Jim Beglin blames Angel Di Maria’s red card for “Latino temperament”

Last year, former Cincinnati Reds and Fox broadcaster Thom Brennaman lost his job while using a homophobic bow caught on a hot microphone. Well, some announcers are still saying terrible things in the air.

On Tuesday, racist rhetoric found its way into CBS Sports’ broadcast of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals between PSG and Manchester City.

In the 69th minute, 2-0 against City, Angel Di Maria was sent off after kicking on the edge of Fernandinho. Di Maria’s foul was frustrated amid a poor performance in the semi-finals, but for commentator Jim Beglin it was inexplicably a result of Di Maria’s Argentine heritage.

Beglin watched the foul repeat and said, “It’s the Latino temperament.”

So is his Latino temperament the reason? #UCL @CBSSportsNet pic.twitter.com/5qxrmfzsfR

– mcvalcarcel (@mcvalcarcel) May 4, 2021

Beglin’s stereotypical and biased remark was noticed by many viewers, and they ripped off the CBS announcer on Twitter – and rightly so. Beglin apologized on the show, but it didn’t stop the strong response.

“The Latino Temperament”? What?

– Grant Wahl (@GrantWahl) May 4, 2021

“At the beginning of this show, I realized that the ‘Latino temperament’ may be responsible for a red card. That was wrong. I’m ashamed of my actions and Castellanos is going deep into the left field and it’s going to be a home run. And that makes it a 4-0 ball game. “

– Nate Scott (@aNateScott) May 4, 2021

I’ve been waiting for this TV commentator’s line “It’s the Ukrainian temperament” about Zinchenko, as his tantrum immediately after DiMaria’s red card drew a line “It’s the Latino temperament”. Funny how it never came.

NEITHER should be said.

What a joke. 🤦‍♂️

– Ives Galarcep (@SoccerByIves) May 4, 2021

Jim Beglin in the 85th minute after saying “It’s the Latino temperament” for Di Maria’s red card pic.twitter.com/AY8F53mgcv

– Klay Thompson’s Brenner (@iKlayThompson) May 4, 2021

“It’s the Latino temperament” is one thing an announcer just said.

– Matthew Doyle (@ MattDoyle76) May 4, 2021

UEFA: No room for racism

UEFA commentators too: Di Maria sent off for his “Latino temperament”

– 🇨🇩 (@Godfrshort) May 4, 2021

Comment just said “Latino Temperament” which is amazing to hear !!!

– Bill Hamid (@ BillHamid28) May 4, 2021

Di Maria just red for stomping on Fernandinho. Earned. Commentators blame “Latino temperament”.

Not deserved. #NoRoomForRacism pic.twitter.com/mEMuLmZLNd

– Catalan Cowboy (@CatalanCowboy) May 4, 2021

Jim Beglin, welcome to the Castellanos Zone pic.twitter.com/Q9iBfz1Uf4

– Mason Cavalier (@masoncavalier) May 4, 2021

Jim Beglin in 5 minutes: “I am proud of myself and consider myself a man of faith as Kevin De Bruyne drives to the top corner and that will be a goal. And that makes it a 3-0 ball game. I don’t know if I’ll put this headset back on … “https://t.co/sr5DtS767s

– Tay * redacted * (@tayredacted) May 4, 2021

Jim Beglin on CBS about Di María red card:

“It’s the Latino temperament …”

You stay there noble, Jim …

– Joseph Sexton (@josephsbcn) May 4, 2021

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