In the post-Covid era, new inventions, innovations for industry and the market will emerge from J & K: Lt Governor

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The Center for Invention, Innovation, Incubation and Education (CIIIT) Jammu opens

JAMMU: To promote invention, innovation and incubation led by industrial pioneers and to strengthen the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and skills development through partnerships between industry and science, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today launched the Center for Invention, Innovation, Incubation and Education (CIIIT) inaugurated) at Government Polytechnic, Bikram Chowk founded at a price of 181.56 rupees.

The governor congratulated officials from CIIIT Jammu and TATA Technologies, saying that the promise he made on December 7th last year during the inauguration of CIIIT Baramulla for the speedy completion of the Jammu Center has been fulfilled.

“With the completion of this center, the youth in the Jammu Division will also receive training on the new technologies to improve their skills. It has come at a time when the dynamics of industry requirements are changing rapidly as there is continuous advancement in today’s global technological age, ”he added

Jammu, known as the City of Temples, is now also identified as the City of Institutions with the establishment of IIT, IIM, Central University, AIIMS and other educational institutions. It is one of the most unique places in the country that has so many top notch institutions, he continued.

The governor said the pace at which human power and technology is changing is very difficult to put into words. According to data, there are 10 innovations in the world every month that are changing the demands of the market. Nowadays engineering graduates also need to improve their skills according to the demands of the market and this is very important in the industrial sector of the post-covid world.

All of these changes that the world is going through are possible because of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). The paths of traditional manufacturing are moving towards digital transformation, in which intelligent robots, drones, sensors, 3D printing and artificial intelligence play an important role. The basis of Industry 4.0 is a cyber and a physical production system in which real and virtual worlds are brought together and work together, he continued.

The governor said an investment of Rs.28.36.661 billion was made in manufacturing over the 2019-20 period. Campaigns by Make In India and Atmanirbhar Bharat will see an estimated 100 million new investments made over the next four years in the manufacturing sector alone would create jobs that would account for 25% of GDP.

The new industrial program of Rs 28,400, approved by the Prime Minister of J & K UT, has been carefully formulated to attract as many industries as possible. This program will bring industrial development in Jammu and Kashmir to the block level, the governor said.

The governor noted that it is the first time that an industrial incentive system by the Indian government seeks balanced industrial development across the UT. By encouraging new investment, the new system will also strengthen existing industries in Jammu and Kashmir and increase their capacity.

Citing the Global Innovation Index 2020 report, the governor said India ranks third in the world after the US and England with a strong start-up ecosystem. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, our country has developed into a major center for start-ups. 70 startups have started in Jammu and Kashmir, he added.

With examples of success stories, the Governor mentioned Akash, a graduate of Sri Mata Vaishno Devi University who founded a company with friends to manufacture fuel-efficient innovative products in the automotive sector. He also talked about Vivek from Jammu, who started a company to design new types of workplaces, and Ashaq from Srinagar, who is working on the robo-drone.

The governor determined that CIIIT Jammu would offer 18 certified courses through its 9 innovation design and incubation competence centers. Product review and analysis; Product life; Value engineering and benchmarking, autonomous networked electrification; Mechatronics & IOT; Digital manufacturing, manufacturing execution system; and Advance Manufacturing Engineering, which are important areas for manufacturing designers and product engineers.

It will help create a large talent pool that not only creates jobs in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, electronics, and oil and gas industries, but could also create their own startups, he noted .

The governor praised the collaboration between Government Polytechnic Jammu and Tata Technologies in designing the courses, noting that M.Tech and B.Tech graduates had completed three-month training in Product Lifecycle Management. “The product life cycle management is the main driver for Industry 4.0 and plays an important role in the digital transformation in all factories in India and abroad.

He also highlighted the scope of the Mechatronics and IOT course, which also allows Jammu engineering students to complete an education in intelligent technology that is currently only available in a few institutions in the world.

The governor said that with the aim of eliminating capacity bottlenecks, the UT government will provide an LG scholarship to 10 promising PhD students to increase our young talent.

With our local talent pool, we will create a modern and self-sufficient Jammu and Kashmir, added the Lt Governor.

The governor said that in the post-Covid era, new inventions and innovations for the industry and market will emerge from Jammu and Kashmir. By training in digital technologies, our youth will help strengthen the system in service sectors such as banks and post offices.

It is necessary to focus on both employment and self-employment so that the unemployment rate can continue to decrease. Now the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir has fallen from 16.1% in September last year to 9%. It is better than Delhi, Goa, Himachal, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand etc. and the credit goes to all parts of society and our talented youth, added the governor

The Lt-Governor congratulated the 292 students starting their training program in various courses starting today and wished them a bright future.

Dr. Asgar Hassan Samoon, General Secretary for Skills Development, gave an overview of the general functioning of the department. He noted that the department had been given ample funding over the past year to make progress on implementing various projects and programs.

He. Arun Bangotra, director of the Polytechnic College, announced details of the students enrolled at the facility and the future expansion of upcoming courses.

The thank-you vote was held by Sajad Hussain Ganai, Director of the Skills Development Department

Advisor to Lieutenant Governor RR Bhatnagar, Dr. Manoj Singh Gaur, Director IIT Jammu; Dr. Raghav Langer, Department Commissioner; Anshul Garg, Deputy Commissioner Jammu; Anoo Malhotra, Director, Industries & Commerce, Jammu; alongside senior officials from Tata Technologies; During the inauguration, officials from the J&K UT administration and a large number of students were present.

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