In northern Kentucky, kids voting is good news for Republicans too

Politics in northern Kentucky has moved to the right for a generation.

And if the results of Tuesday’s Kids Voting are any indication, another generation is ready to move on in that direction.

Almost 11,000 local youths (between 5 and 17 years of age) accompanied adults on Tuesday to the polls for the annual children’s choice. Kids Voting Northern Kentucky is a non-profit, impartial, volunteer organization dedicated to teaching and developing young people the importance of voting.

Northern Kentucky children cast 10,972 votes for president, roughly 1,500 more than in the 2012 presidential election, which saw 9,490 votes cast.

“Kids Voting Northern Kentucky has worked for 17 years to educate young people about the real voting process and get used to voting,” said founding member Carri Chandler. “The goal is to increase civic engagement and ultimately the turnout of adults.”

Children voted in the same places their parents voted in Kenton and Campbell Counties and in all Boone County Public Library branches. In addition, around 350 students volunteered to put ballot boxes together, conduct polls, and count ballots.

Votes were cast for the President, US Senate, and 4th District Congressional races. In addition, two topics related to italic handwriting and the use of social media were covered. Republicans Donald Trump, Rand Paul and Thomas Massie all won by comfortable margins.

The results are as follows:

President of the United States

Hillary Clinton (D): 4,562
Donald Trump (R): 5.906
Other: 504

United States Senate

Jim Gray (D): 3.343
Rand Paul (R): 4,459
Other: 34

4th congressional district

Calvin Sidle (D): 3,680
Thomas Massie (R): 4,485
Other: 50


1) Should italic handwriting be taught in school?
Yes: 7,019
No .: 1.192

2) Have I been taught how to use social media safely?
Yes: 6,729
No .: 1,987

Age of voters:

5-8 years old: 3,174

9-12 years old: 2,890

13-17 years: 671

-Staff report

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