In a year that was naughty, there are 12 gifts here at the Cincinnati Museum Center to make the vacation great

Whether you’re on the naughty list (see you in 2020) or on the nice list, the Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) has a Christmas present for everyone. With the ability to shop in person or online, CMC helps ensure vacation shopping is safe and holiday mornings memorable.

Print out the list below, grab a marker, and circle what you’d like as CMC covers your vacation shopping.

12 months of exploration – A CMC membership is your guide for a full year of exploration and memory. Enjoy free entry to the Museum of Natural History and Science, the Cincinnati History Museum, and the Duke Energy Children’s Museum, plus free parking and discounts on OMNIMAX movies, exhibits, food and drink, and gift items (such as the following).

Apollo 11 delicacies – Neil, Buzz, and Michael didn’t actually have astronaut ice cream aboard Apollo 11, but they probably wish they would. Fill a stocking with this freeze-dried treat because if you want to be an astronaut, you have to eat like one.

10 (okay 20) types of putty – With over 20 types of putty to choose from, there is sure to be the right one to stretch, straighten or cut your hair (quarantine cut, right?).

9 hours (or 90 years) of fun – We’re only guessing here, but one of the exclusive Just Imagine gift boxes from CMC is sure to offer hours, years and even decades of joy. The Just Imagine Kids Upcycled Box is filled with environmentally friendly products, each with its own story about recycling, reuse, upcycling and conservation. The set includes an incredibly soft, eco-friendly plush made from recycled water bottles, a book of projects to be created, and a scannable card with Sparkd technology that guides you to games and craft videos for even more fun. In addition, the box in which the set is delivered turns into a jeep for your new plush friend. For the foodie in your life, there is also a Just Imagine Sustainable Cooking Box with reusable personal and bamboo cooking utensils, eco-friendly bee wrap and a cotton bag, and a scannable card for instructional videos taught by chefs from across the country to help you create a four-course menu.

Bath bombs worth 8 planets Look, after a year we’ve all had, you deserve a relaxing soak in the tub. Immerse yourself in one of our eight bath bombs with planet motifs and feel how your stress disappears.

7 rings worth of nostalgic fun – Do you remember the pogo ball you had as a kid? Well it’s back. The Saturn Hoppit Pogo Ball from CMC improves balance and gives you the opportunity to jump into space. Relive your glory days or introduce a new generation to a classic toy.

6 feet apart – If you visit CMC during this holiday season, remember to keep a foot between you and other guests and wear a mask. If you forget your mask or just want to add it to your collection, CMC has a number of options to choose from, including a space-themed mask, hummingbirds, and even a T-Rex mouth. It is safe to put the “rawr” in rawr-sponsible.

5 adventure stories – Tickets for the Robert D. Lindner family’s OMNIMAX theater are a great gift. CMC’s five-story OMNIMAX theater takes you on a breathtaking adventure. Buy them now to explore the world of wonders in your own backyard in Backyard Wilderness, or grab vouchers for a future movie that will take you around the world, below the surface and beyond.

4 table-saving coasters – Heed your mom’s warning and place a four Union Terminal-themed coaster under your drink. The marble coasters feature details of the famous glass tile mosaics of the Art Deco train station and make a great peace offering for all the rings you left on the coffee table.

Three thousand years of history – Immerse yourself in the Maya world with Maya: The Companion’s Companion Catalog. Discover over 3,000 years of history with breathtaking artifacts and fascinating details about the Mayan civilization and its impact on the world we know today. (This is also a good time to encourage you to visit Maya: The Exhibition. Over 300 original artifacts are now on display.)

2 socks – If you sing “O Hole-y Night” in your socks or look at the stockings over the fireplace with envy, you should buy yourself a pair of space-themed socks.

1 dollar – Consider returning this holiday season. Every dollar you donate helps CMC inspire a future astronaut or spark a spark of curiosity. Add a donation to your vacation shopping when you check out to help support CMC’s mission.

Plus so much more. From wooden train sets to Charley Harper mugs and Dino Dig kits, CMC has items for every interest, age and behavior (yes, even naughty boys and girls). Visit CMC to shop in person or visit to shop online.

From the Cincinnati Museum Center

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