Hunter Biden continues to humiliate himself and embarrass his father

Does Hunter Biden hate his father?

Difficult to come to any other conclusion when he took a book tour this week to promote his new memoir, Beautiful Things. He repeated humiliating details about his crack cocaine addiction and every other shabby detail about his incongruous life.

“Yes, I’ve been spending more time on my hands and knees rummaging through carpets and smoking anything remotely like crack cocaine,” said Biden Tracy Smith of CBS in an interview that aired on Sunday. “I’ve probably smoked more parmesan than anyone you know, I’m sure Tracy.”

These remarks by the son of a seated president who worked to “restore the soul of America” ​​read like something Larry Flynt would have written as a parody for his dirty magazine.

Except it’s real life. And it’s not like Biden remembering a memory from the distant past that we can all laugh at after changing his life. He is 51 years old, and it was only last fall that relatively new and very embarrassing photos of Biden surfaced, along with lots of other very harrowing information about his personal life.

These are usually things a person would want everyone to forget, but Biden is determined to make sure we all remind ourselves about them over and over again.

President Joe Biden must be appalled by his son. And if not, it should be.

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