How to nominate Greater Cincinnati High School Athlete of the Week

The Cincinnati Enquirer is again running its popular high school athlete vote of the week for the 2020-2021 sporting year.

Anyone can nominate an Athlete of the Week or Team of the Week in a number of ways – via Twitter using the sport’s hashtags or tagging @mlaughman, via the Enquirer’s Facebook group, Enquirer Preps Plus, or emailing mlaughman @ enquirer .com.

Winter Twitter hashtags: Basketball, #cincyhoops; Wrestling, #cincywrestling; Ice hockey, #cincyicehockey; Swimming and diving #cincyswimdive; Bowling, #cincybowling; Gymnastics #cincygymnastics

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Other sources for nominations: League websites and information reported to the Enquirer at [email protected] for the nightly high school scores file.

Basic rules:

  • Submit nominations from Monday morning at the latest for the ballot paper on late Monday.
  • The University level Athlete should have done one significant impact to a game within the nomination period, which is the week before the voting period.
  • New this year: Trainers and sports directors of sports teams and athletes who cannot compete against other teams due to pandemic restrictions can a University Athlete who has demonstrated exceptional work ethic, skill, character, hectic pace, heart and leadership during intrasquad games or training. Once again, coaches or sports directors only may submit athletes in the week’s nomination period in these circumstances.
  • Submit for all other stats to secure nomination for it performance based Placement. Photos and videos are welcome.
  • Once athletes win during the regular season, they cannot vote again until the postseason. If athletes have not won in the regular season, they can be nominated more than once.
  • Nominations Placement does not guarantee on the ballot. It is at the editor’s discretion how often the athletes on a particular team can be nominated. Since there is only a certain number of weeks in a season, it will be a consideration to ensure that a variety of schools are represented.
  • The vote is one vote per device per hour. Devices include tablets, phones, and desktop computers.
  • Nominations and voting are two different things. You appoint someone to take part in the vote. You vote for them as soon as they get there. To do this, use the ballot papers at the end of each voting file. You can send nominations by e-mail up to the Monday of the previous week. You are NOT allowed to email votes. They don’t count.
  • Do you remember that Values ​​of sportiness and fair play when voting.
  • Have fun with it. Voting alone ensures that the achievements of athletes from all fields and schools are recognized by a large number of spectators. It’s about the fans showing their support and school spirit. Our end-of-season All-Stars recognize the best of the best. Our Athletes of the Week show individuals at their best over a period of time.
  • The winners will receive a certificate and be included in a story about this week’s winners.

Do you have questions? Email Melanie Laughman, Digital Prep Planning Editor, to [email protected].

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