How technology will transform business leadership in 2021

Today’s technology is developing rapidly.

New digital trends are paving the way for an increase in societal expectations, and things that seemed impossible a decade ago are taken for granted today. After observing virtual reality, improved 5G connectivity and even the seamless integration of drones into society, the question arises as to when and not if the next breakthrough is imminent.

A man who is at the forefront of modern technological development is none other than Elon Musk. Musk is very interested in “wondrous new technologies” and has been promoting research and development in new technological spaces since the beginning of his career.

BERLIN, GERMANY DECEMBER 01: SpaceX owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk arrives on the red carpet for the … [+] Axel Springer Award 2020 on December 1st, 2020 in Berlin. (Photo by Britta Pedersen-Pool / Getty Images)

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The native South African is the founder and CEO of the aerospace manufacturer SpaceX and CEO of the electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla. The former company aims to reduce space transportation costs to enable colonization of Mars. Back on earth, he wants to accelerate global progress towards sustainable energy and drive the global transition to electric vehicles.

A relentless innovator, Musk is known for his brazen, unorthodox ideas about the future. Musk is quoted as saying, “Some people don’t like change, but you have to embrace change when the alternative is a disaster.” His position has never been as relevant as it is today as the global landscape changes day by day during the global pandemic. Despite the calamity, the COVID-19 outbreak has breathed new life into old markets. According to McKinsey, consumer and business digital adoption accelerated an astonishing five years in the first eight weeks of lockdown. Competition is widespread and industry innovators are showing no sign of stopping.

Due to the impact of Musk and the global impact of COVID-19, business owners have now added a myriad of contrasting technological trends to the scene for them to explore. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the largest: the industry is valued at $ 190 billion by 2025, paving the way for job creation in sectors like data, cybersecurity, and even healthcare. Given the volume of data that has been collected on infection rates and vaccine performance, the algorithms need to be sophisticated enough to provide solutions that may change the world as we know it.

And what these trends mean to you, the answer is simple. As technology changes, so do the skills you need to excite your audience, run a future-proof business, and achieve long-term success. Without a doubt, technology will transform the way businesses are run in 2021 and beyond. To stay on the cutting edge, be competitive, and know what’s next, take it from these three successful entrepreneurs who are gaining momentum in the online realm.

Automation changes business

Jaikishaan Sharma

Jaikishaan Sharma

Jaikishaan Sharma

Jaikishaan Sharma, CEO of Sharmaatricks, connects hardworking people with social media-based business opportunities. His company shares accessible tools and educational resources to help its growing community of over 70,000 members build emerging online businesses and break free from the rat race.

He believes automation is changing business. Sharma shares: “Digital shifts are opening up new opportunities for companies. I believe that both 5G and artificial intelligence will change the way business owners run their businesses. Every day, automation is changing business and increasing productivity. It’s very hard to ignore the impact of technology whether you’re running a multinational or a start-up. “

“In the past few years, automation is one thing that has often risen above everything in technology. Automation tools are innovated and developed every day to make business processes agile. Because of this, I believe that innovation in automation will lead to the rapid expansion of remote working and video conferencing. We saw such rapid growth already during the pandemic; Zoom has become a household name, and other tools like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco’s Webex have caused a stir in the corporate world. Technology enables business owners and their employees to work from home. In the future, working from home will continue to be the new normal. “

These technological advances lead Sharma to his final point: The pandemic has forced schools and educational institutions to accelerate e-learning and move online education to the new normal. “Many institutions are changing parts of their curriculum to allow online learning in the future,” he says.

“For 2021 we expect enormous demand and rapid growth in artificial intelligence. AI is already known for speech recognition, personal assistants for smartphones, carpooling and much more. There is plenty of room for growth and expansion, however, and small businesses will begin adopting this new technology from 2021 to support their day-to-day operations. COVID-19 has pushed the adoption of digital technologies by several years, and that could be here in the long run. “

Technology cracks frequency codes

Taryn Lee

Taryn Lee

Taryn Lee

Taryn Lee, a global brand partner of Healy World, is a successful digital entrepreneur passionate about helping people navigate the new world of vibrations, health, wealth, and wellbeing. Lee shares: “The secrets of the universe are with us. In 2021, we have reached a pivotal time in history when science and spirituality are merging, giving way to technologies that can now interact with our energy field. “

She continues, “In the coming years there will be a rush from both medical and technology companies to further crack the frequency codes for how energy networks work in our bodies and brains, and they will use this knowledge to intervene in ours Design electromagnetic fields to prevent disease and promote physical and mental health. It will create completely new medical approaches, new products and new business models. “

Help is still important when technology changes

Tyler Ornstein

Tyler Ornstein

Tyler Ornstein

Tyler Ornstein, CEO of Tylers Coffees, created the world’s first and only acid-free coffee to help millions of people with stomach problems and acid reflux. Ornstein founded his company at the age of 14 and has grown rapidly ever since. As technology changes how business is run in 2021, he believes the basics still hold true: help is still important.

Ornstein shares: “If you are ever to be successful, all you have to do is follow one word: ‘Help’. Always try to help at every turn. If you follow this word to a T you will see immense success. Not only for your company, but also for yourself. If you can develop a product or service that helps the common good, you can monetize it and become successful. “

Forward to the future

It is clear that the many advances in technology show no sign of stagnation and will have a notable impact as society takes shape over many years. The next decade will truly be defining, and for the modern day business owner, change maker, or entrepreneur, adapting and responding to emerging trends has quickly become one of the highest values ​​in an ever-evolving digital climate.

As the pandemic ends and we rediscover the new normal, it is time to monitor the many major technological innovations that are about to make waves. That way, you’ll take advantage of any progress at an early stage and help you adapt, keep track of your industry, and thrive now and in the future.

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