How NKY High Schools Rank On The Latest US News List

US News released its annual list of the best high schools, a rating and ranking of all public high schools in the country.

The magazine ranked schools nationally, by state, and within subway areas.

Some northern Kentucky high schools ranked high while others did not do so well.

“The highest-rated public schools in the US in the US News & World Report’s Best High Schools Ranking for 2021 are those whose students achieved excellent results on math and reading status assessments qualified on a series of college-level exams Results achieved and proportions achieved high completion, “said the publication.

US News summed school grades across six indicators of school quality and then calculated a single total score from zero to 100 that reflected a school’s performance across those metrics. The total score shows how well each school performed on a national percentile basis. For example, a school with a score of 60 in the 60th percentile among all schools in the ranking.

The six indicators and their percentages for consideration were college readiness (30%), college curriculum breadth (10%), math and reading literacy (20%), math and reading achievement (20%), underserved student achievement (10%) %), and graduation rate (10%).

Click here for the full methodology.

Click here for Kentucky’s full listing.

Click here for Greater Cincinnati’s full listing.

The following is the order in which schools in Northern Kentucky were ranked, followed by total score (on a scale of 100), rank in Kentucky (out of 377), and rank in the Cincinnati subway (out of 119). Note that schools that scored less than 25 had their scores hidden so US news could protect the real number of those who ranked in the lowest quarter of the percentile.

Beech wood 98.51, # 2 in Kentucky, # 4 on the Cincinnati Metro

Highlands 97.64, No. 4 in Kentucky, No. 6 on the Cincinnati Metro

Campbell Co. 92.4, # 16 in Kentucky, # 14 on the Cincinnati Metro

Ryle 90.62, # 20 in Kentucky, # 15 on the Cincinnati Metro

Dixie Heights 87.52, # 27 in Kentucky, # 20 on the Cincinnati Metro

cooper 83,52, No. 39 in Kentucky, No. 25 on the Cincinnati Metro

Conner 80.6, # 46 in Kentucky, # 31 on the Cincinnati Metro

Simon Kenton 78.04, # 50 in Kentucky, # 34 on the Cincinnati Metro

Boone Co. 68.27, # 70 in Kentucky, # 40 on the Cincinnati Metro

Lloyd 55.51, # 109 in Kentucky, # 49 on the Cincinnati Metro

Scott, 55.47, # 110 in Kentucky, # 50 on the Cincinnati Metro

Walton-Verona 52.96, # 117 in Kentucky, # 53 on the Cincinnati Metro

Ludlow 49.15, # 131 in Kentucky, # 59 on the Cincinnati Metro

Bellevue 39.48, # 147 in Kentucky, # 65 on the Cincinnati Metro

Grant Co. 35.46, # 155 in Kentucky, # 68 on the Cincinnati Metro

Pendleton Co. 34.68, # 159 in Kentucky, # 69 on the Cincinnati Metro

Holmes 12/25, # 181 in Kentucky, # 78 on the Cincinnati Metro

Dayton > 25, No. 182-226 in Kentucky, 79-101 in Cincinnati Metro

Newport > 25, No. 182-226 in Kentucky, 79-101 in Cincinnati Metro

Williamstown > 25, No. 182-226 in Kentucky, 79-101 in Cincinnati Metro

-Staff report

Photo: Beechwood High School

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