How Jeff Goldblum went viral thanks to Jurassic Park: “There was nothing sexy going on”

Few Hollywood actors have enjoyed the longevity that American actor Jeff Goldblum has. But for the somewhat weird (and that’s in the best sense of the word) eccentric and unique personality he seems to exude in his interviews, you would have believed that Goldblum only starred in these parallel, independent films. But Jeff did everything. In fact, he’s best known for his appearances on big blockbusters like the Jurassic Park franchise, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Marvel Film Thor Ragnarok.

A seasoned pianist, Jeff has his own jazz band called Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, who released their first album, The Capitol Studio Sessions, three years ago. He has also appeared in the television world on popular shows such as Law & Order and Will and Grace. For the latter, he had also landed an Emmy nomination.

But even after all these years, Goldblum could be the most sensational on the internet thanks to a hugely popular meme that shows him barely shirtless from Steven Spielberg director Jurassic Park. Yes this one. You may have come across this many times on social media. In fact, the meme got so hot that Goldblum was asked about it in interviews as well. In an interview with IGN three years ago, the actor opened the sequence in his signature style. A wild wave of his hand to represent the shirt unbuttoning, Goldblum told the location they shot was supposed to represent Costa Rica, and he had just been petted by a dinosaur on the screen. As a result, his character lay shirtless on a table while his wound was examined.

“I forget if it was Steven (Spielberg, the filmmaker) or if it was just me (laughs). I think it was a natural sweat. I think I suffered manfully and that is the story. (Contrary to popular belief) there wasn’t anything sexy going on there and it still can’t be, but they made this funko-pop doll with me and my shirt, yeah, “the actor said lightly.

And now Jeff is preparing to return to the world of dinosaurs with the 2022 release Jurassic World: Dominion. The film also marks the return of the original cast like Laura Dern and Sam Neill alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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