Hopefully new tennis facility will come to Hyde Park in 2023

The Cincinnati Tennis Foundation plans to build a $ 10 million community center with tennis courts and academic program rooms behind Withrow High School.

But first, the foundation plans to spend an additional $ 100,000 to renovate eight existing outdoor tennis courts at the school in Hyde Park.

“The foundation’s mission is to have a positive impact on life through access to tennis and education. We believe that having a community center with a central, affordable indoor location provides an opportunity to develop students in ways previously inaccessible to youth in Cincinnati, ”said Nikki Cioffi, the foundation’s chief operating officer, in an e- Mail.

Workers have begun rebuilding the outdoor tennis courts in Withrow – a job the foundation plans to complete this summer.

The $ 100,000 price tag includes upgrades to the outdoor spaces and sidewalks in the area to make the proposed community center wheelchair accessible.

The Cincinnati Tennis Foundation hopes to raise enough money this year to start construction on the center next year and open it in 2023, Cioffi said.

The center will include eight indoor tennis courts, as well as classrooms and meeting rooms for academic programs, mentoring programs, and student collaboration programs.

“Our programming is based on creating opportunities for students to prepare them for future success, and it does so through time spent both on and off the courts,” said Cioffi.

This rendering gives you an idea of ​​what the indoor tennis facility the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation is planning to build behind Withrow High School might look.

Tennis, everyone?

The Cincinnati Tennis Foundation’s goal is to make tennis available to everyone in the Cincinnati area and to provide free introductory tennis lessons to every elementary school student at the Cincinnati Public Schools, she said.

The non-profit group also offers mentoring, character education, and academic programs to young people in schools, clubs, youth centers, and parks.

Since its inception in 2015, it has helped teens raise more than $ 5 million in scholarships to athletic and academic colleges, Cioffi said.

“We expect our hall (at Withrow High School) to be able to host college tennis games to give students a college path,” she said.

“We plan to expand our reach within the Cincinnati Public Schools to increase student participation in tennis and to build teams and leagues across the school district.”

Cioffi said the programs offered by the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation today are community-focused and include many free and scholarship-based options for families.

“We intend to continue this model of programming and use of the facility ‘at Withrow’,” she said.

“The outdoor spaces will be open to the community this summer and will be free when we’re not running programs.”

Click here for a list of the youth programs the Foundation is offering this summer.

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