Hisense’s new technology inactivates COVID-19 at a rate of up to 93.54%

Hisense HI-NANO technology inactivates viruses and bacteria

The HI-NANO ion generator is a technology independently developed by Hisense and has been used in many lines of Hisense air conditioners including Fresh Master, Silentium Pro, Energy Pro, New Energy, Easy Smart, Wingsand, etc.

It generates efficient, highly concentrated double ions up to 1 million / cm3. Bacteria and viruses lose their activity after being absorbed by double ions, which leads to an inhibitory effect.

Strengths of HI-NANO:

  • High efficiency: HI-NANO releases two to three times the number of ions compared to conventional ion generators. A viral clearance performance of 90% removal rate in one hour and 99% in two hours was verified.
  • Safety and harmless: Compared to conventional ion generators, only half of the ozone (0.007 mg / m3) is produced, which hardly harms the environment.
  • Durable: The generator can have a high quality of performance for 20 years.

The Hisense Fresh Master air conditioner equipped with HI-NANO technology will be available in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, and Denmark soon in May 2021.

As an innovation-driven technology company, Hisense innovates its air conditioning series with high-tech functions such as virus elimination, air freshening, noise reduction and sleeping aid that meet individual requirements. Hisense reached 5.15 million air conditioners sold worldwide in 2020, placing it in 7th place. It is one of the top selling air conditioner brands around the world.

Green technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Hisense goes out of its way to offer its customers state-of-the-art air purification products, but also focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a better atmospheric environment.

Hisense’s eco-friendly technology development in air conditioning products:

  • By improving the 3D full DC inverter technology, energy consumption can be reduced by more than 30%.
  • With low carbon R32 and R290 refrigerants applied to products, global carbon dioxide emissions can be effectively reduced by up to 1.16 million tons.

Hisense believes technology can have a significant impact on protecting the air we share and keeping it healthy and clean for all. Hisense is committed to creating a better living environment for all people around the world.

SOURCE Hisense

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