Here is your new KDP board of directors – Forward Kentucky

Over the weekend, the Kentucky Democratic Party elected a new State Central Executive Committee. Each congressional district has five members in the SCEC, nine people are elected as full members. Here is the list.

Jeff Taylor
Daniel hurt
Susanna French
Crystal chapel
Brenna Caudill
Collin Morris
Dean Schamore
Representative Patti Minter
Jeanie Smith
James line
Mera Kathryn Corlett
Robert Kahne
Corrie Shull
Representative Pamela Stevenson
Queenie Averette
Ellen Cartmell
Col Owens
Marcus Woodward
Danielle Bell
Constance Grubbs
Ralph Hoskins
Johnny Ray Turner
Ashley Adkins
Ariana Velasquez
Laura white-brown
Clint Morris
Trent Garrison
Rebecca Blankenship
Brenda McClanahan
Brenda monarrez
On the whole
Josh Mers
Cody Pruitt
Dorsey Ridley
Roy Harrison
LaToya Drake
Jeff Noble
Rep Rachel Roberts
John Stovall
Colleen younger


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