Heated Three Animal Race for the Mayor of Cave Town at the Cincinnati Museum Center; Cast your vote now

The upcoming election has resulted in a sizzling match between the mayoral candidates.


Decorum was tossed aside and the claws really did come out. One candidate called the other a lizard. This candidate, in turn, was called the cockroach. In the meantime, the third-party candidate seems to be sticking to the motto that slowly and steadily wins the race.

We’re, of course, talking about the Cave Town Election at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Three candidates are competing for the title of mayor, each of whom promises a platform that will enrich the lives of the children and improve the museum. CMC needs you to choose the winner and the best part is that there is no minimum voting age. The polls will be open from October 29th to November 2nd.

The Cave Town Election is a three critter race.

• Shelly, Box Turtle Party – Shelly wants to keep things wild and asks people to enjoy nature but leave wild animals alone where they can be found. She promises to bring new early childhood programs to CMC.

• Hugo, Madagascar Sizzling cockroach party – Hugo pledges to promote simple ways you can help protect local species habitats. A vote for Hugo is a vote for new opportunities to earn points for nature’s trading post from home.

• Leonardo, Wall Lizard Party – Leo is a great example of what not to take home from vacation and believes in the importance of educating about invasive species. Vote for Leo and he will introduce a new fossil-inspired stage demonstration.

If you’re not sure which candidate deserves your vote, you can meet him and his other animal lovers every Thursday through Monday at 10:30 am at the Museum of Natural History and Science.

Voting is easy. Visit CMC between today and November 2nd and cast your vote by searching the QR code in Cave Square for the candidate of your choice.

If you can’t vote in person, CMC allows you to vote on social media without an apology. Just visit CMC’s Facebook page and vote for the Cave Town election.

Once you have cast your vote in the Cave City election, be sure to show up on Election Day on November 3rd to ensure your vote is counted and your voice is heard locally, state, and nationally.

Cincinnati Museum Center

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