Haschke brings robotics to robotics, science | Local


Haschke grew up in Madison, about 27 miles north of where he would eventually teach. There he deepened his scientific knowledge and graduated from high school in 2006 before moving to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he taught his students in a place very different from where he would ultimately end up .

Haschke worked at Lincoln High School, the largest of the six public high schools in the district, with an enrollment of over 2,000. Lakeview has 309 students. Haschke admitted that it was easy to get lost in the shuffle in such a large school.

“Here (in Lakeview) I can see faces I’m familiar with,” said Haschke. “There (at Lincoln High) I was lost in the crowd.”

He would eventually graduate from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2011, marry his girlfriend (whom he met in college), and move closer to home, where he got an opportunity at Aquinas Catholic High School in David City . He taught middle school science and familiarized himself with the area he would call home. But his time in David City would be short-lived, as Columbus phoned a few years later.

Lakeview High School needed a science teacher, young, green, but eager to teach students their science knowledge. So district officials brought Haschke with them, who was ready to make a name for himself.

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