Greensboro native John Isner in the tennis bubble: “Every day there are hotels and courts, hotels and courts” | Sports

But, Isner adds, at least tennis is back. Even if it’s anything but normal.

The bladder

John Isner comes to training with the trainer David MacPherson. “The logistics are easier now,” Isner said of the tennis bubble in New York. “You can work out or go to the gym without fighting the crowd. But at the same time, it’s just not the same without the fans.”

Ben Solomon / Western & Southern Open

Isner said he was traveling with “the usual suspects” – at least two of them. The 35-year-old professional’s party features trainer David Macpherson and chiropractor Clint Cordial, his personal trainer.

All three male families – Isner and Cordial both have wives and two small children – were left at home.

If all goes well, Team Isner will live in a bubble of players, coaches and key employees for the next three weeks.

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Greensboro-born John Isner with his wife Madison and their two children in a photo released earlier this year. Due to COVID-19 protocols, Isner had to leave his family behind in Dallas to play at the Western & Southern Open.

John Isner on Instagram

“My family is not here,” said Isner. “And as much as I miss you, I don’t want you to take any unnecessary risk here. And they wouldn’t want to be here either, because the bubble we’re in is basically two hotels and the tennis center. So every day there is hotel and dishes, hotel and dishes.

“That is exactly what the NBA and NHL did successfully. You are not allowed to leave the hotel. And if you get caught leaving the hotel, you will be kicked out of the tournament. I don’t think anyone will take that risk. “

The tennis bladder is strict. When Isner arrived, he and his team were immediately tested for coronavirus. Nose swabs for everyone.

Isner said he has “been tested six or seven times since all of this started,” and the new tests are far less intrusive than the first ones he had.

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