George Lang called the Butler County’s Democrats unfit

“George Lang’s role in the Dynus federal corruption scandal and his apparent willingness to participate in setback programs have long shown his incapacity to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives,” said Jocelyn Bucaro, chairman of the Butler Democratic Party executive committee County. Lang’s involvement in Dynus requires both parties to reassert a unified public voice and declare George Lang incapable of serving in the Ohio House of Representatives. His role in one of the biggest recent political corruption scandals should be an automatic disqualifier. “

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Lang is one of seven candidates to succeed Conditt, who announced her resignation last month to spend more time with family. The other six candidates are Ann Becker, Lee Wong, John Haberer, and Grace Kendrick of West Chester Twp .; and Jeff Kursman and Anu Mital of Liberty Twp.

Lang said he knew his involvement with Dynus would follow his political career but said he had been proven innocent.

“The FBI has been investigating Dynus for over two years, everyone related to Dynus, and I have not been charged anything related to Dynus,” he said.

Dynus Corp. officials took out two loans totaling approximately $ 6.4 million on behalf of Butler County without county approval. The scandal also sparked a plea from former Butler County’s accountant, Kay Rogers. Rogers was sentenced to two years in prison for her role. .

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Bucaro said she hoped Republicans would speak out against Lang’s “aptitude for service” as against (Ohio Rep. Wes) Retherford. Otherwise it would be inexcusably hypocritical. “Republicans and Democrats called for Retherford to resign after he was accused of operating a vehicle under the influence and a gun charge. The gun charge was dismissed and Retherford was found guilty of the OVI charge.

Lang said he “should be proud that the Liberals attacked him” over something he was not found guilty of since he was acquitted of perjury and not charged with any Dynus activity.

Witnesses testified in Carter’s 2009 trial that Lang’s payment to Smith was a setback, but Lang said Wednesday he paid Smith, who eventually became Dynus’ executive officer, $ 100,000 for work he did as a contractor before he was employed by Dynus. Lang said he received more than $ 300,000 from Dynus for advocating her across the country and later becoming an executive with the company.

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