George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ rom-com will be released in September 2022 Entertainment

George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ Rom-Com ‘Ticket to Paradise’ is due out next year.

Franchise co-stars “Money Monster” and “Ocean’s Eleven” will team up for Ol Parker’s upcoming romantic comedy in which they will play a divorced couple who travel to Bali to prevent their daughter from getting married.

And Variety reports that the film will hit theaters in the US on September 30, 2022.

Filming is scheduled to begin in Australia this year.

Ted Melfi wrote the script based on an idea by Parker and Daniel Pipski.

Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner will produce with Deborah Balder Stone and Sarah Harvey. Erik Baiers, Senior Executive Vice President Production and Lexi Barta Development Director, will oversee the project for Universal.

The release dates come after it was revealed that Billie Lourd will be playing her daughter on-screen.

Wren Butler is a graduate of the University of Chicago and accompanies her best friend Lily on a trip to Bali after graduation.

When she suddenly decides to marry a Balinese local, her divorced parents (Clooney and Roberts) band together and try to stop them from repeating the mistake of 25 years ago.

Wren stays in Bali for the engagement / wedding celebrations and finds her own romance with a local doctor.

Meanwhile, 59-year-old George recently dubbed his 53-year-old girlfriend Julia a “real movie star” but has a hard time articulating what makes an actor fall into that category.

When asked what makes a movie star, he said, “I don’t know. I can’t comment because I can’t comment on how people perceive me or how I am perceived by people.

“I can comment on movie stars in general. I know some of them and I know some great ones. I was really good friends with Gregory Peck, he was a great one. Newman, there are some others I’m friends with who are movie stars, real movie stars.

“Brad Pitt is a movie star, Julia Roberts is a movie star.

“I suppose the only thing – I don’t remember who it was,” a government official once said, you know I can’t give you the definition of porn, but I know when I see it.

“It’s like that with these stars, there isn’t a specific thing, there is something immaterial about them that I see, that can’t be described, it’s just … You see Gary Cooper, who is an interesting actor, and Bogart and such actors and you go ‘why are these guys movie stars? He doesn’t look like Cary Grant’ but you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

“Same goes for Spencer Tracey, you couldn’t take your eyes off this guy …

“Sandy Bullock is a movie star and I’ve worked with her and I know her because she wasn’t a movie star when we were both young actors, and even then there was something about Sandy that you only knew was one would be beat. “

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