Former Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Details How Kam Chancellor Sustained an MCL Injury Before Super Bowl XLIX

Last week Richard Sherman released new information about Super Bowl XLIX. It had nothing to do with that extremely miserable offensive game on the goal line. Instead, Sherman spoke about Kam Chancellor’s ripped MCL injury.

“We had to practice for them [New England] Gronk wide, ”Sherman said on Pro Football Focus’s Chris Collinsworth podcast starring Richard Sherman.

“To be honest, that’s how Kam Chancellor was injured. tore up his MCL the Saturday before the Super Bowl, ”Sherman continued.

“It’s because they [the coaching staff] I suddenly tried to invent something the day before the Super Bowl and sprint a buzzer under the slope. You know when Kam is one on one on a fade ball and the buzzer ran through Kam’s knee and, you know, long story short … “

It sounds like the Seahawks were experimenting with the Chancellor dubbing the Rob Gronkowski fade route while he was still in tech zone defense. The buzzer is usually a defense attorney who falls on the numbers and buzzes into the apartment. The Patriots often had Gronk on the slot fade with a slope below this route.

In this case, it sounds like Summer Gronkowski practically doubled up, allowing the Chancellor to cheat the fade route. This would cover the deadly target of New England. Or Seattle was trying to flood their trips / blank reporting in unpredictable ways.

Whatever the exact Xs and Os, disaster struck. According to Sherman, pressing the buzzer again in preparation for the big game caused an unusual practice injury. How the Chancellor was injured has been a mystery so far.

The star-strong security played through the pain with a knee brace. Sherman himself had damaged the ligaments in his elbow in the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game. Integral Free Safety Earl Thomas fought the Patriots despite sustaining a shoulder injury against the Packers two weeks earlier.

Almost the entire Legion of Boom was beaten up in Super Bowl XLIX, and things only got worse during the game.

Cliff Avril, star LEO Pass Rusher, went with a concussion. Jeremy Lane’s injury was so dire that it effectively ended his spell as one of the best players in his position. The slot corner suffered a composite fracture in the arm and a left ACL injury in the knee, which was particularly brutal and unfair as Lane intercepted Tom Brady in the end zone.

And the Seahawks opted not to put on a replacement Nickel Marcus Burley, which meant Tharold Simon fell into a skill disparity and Patriot receiver Julian Edelman – who somehow stayed in the game despite joining early in the fourth quarter stumbled around with a definite concussion.

Simon, once highlighted by Sherman as his future successor, had shattered his confidence to depths from which he would never recover after adding Edelman.

The Seattle defense allowed a critical 14 points in the fourth quarter after Brady made himself comfortable. As Sherman’s recent story suggests, the Seahawks’ back-to-back Super Bowl appearance was perhaps a cursed endeavor that happened in a year where every NFC postseason team was defeated in circumstances of increasing agony. It may be a comforting peace to accept that it was never intended, but everything is still painful for the Seattle fan base and everyone involved in the end.

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