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Ford is currently granting Bronco and Bronco Sport buyers access to its Off-Roadeo program, a two-day off-road driving school. While the website lists locations in Vermont, Texas, Nevada, and Utah, Woodstock, Vermont residents quickly shot down the idea in a virtual town hall meeting recently.

The driving experience, conducted on behalf of Ford by Adventure ORX of Dearborn, Michigan, was intended to bring summer revenue to the Woodstock Inn & Resort. With ski resorts already tight on cash in the summer months, we shouldn’t mention that off-season income is paramount to them in order to stay profitable. Semantics aside, the original plan for the resort was to convert a 189-acre ski area into an off-road course in the summer.


“We are talking about a significant investment that will transform us from a completely unprofitable business into a potentially profitable business,” said ski resort general manager Tim Reiter.

While the Off-Roadeo website describes the state as a postcard of American history with passionate local communities, they may have underestimated how passionate they really are. Instead of embracing the off-road driving school with open arms, opponents argued that an influx of off-road vehicles would overwhelm the city’s road network.

“A dog doesn’t get lost in the street here without people noticing,” said local Richard Cellini. “You can’t have broncos and horses the same way.”

It’s unclear whether Ford will hit another Vermont ski resort or just drop the idea, but the Woodstock Inn & Resort is definitely out of the question. Fortunately, the other three events in Texas, Utah, and Nevada seem to continue with no problem.

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