Ford is initially offering Mappo via SYNC 3, SYNC 4

Kyle Johnson

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Ford SYNC Mappo Mustang Mach-EMappo available in Mustang Mach-E, standard with SYNC 4A
Photo: Ford

Nowadays the question arises what you cannot do in your vehicle. If you have a Ford with SYNC 3 or a new SYNC 4, you can now do even more than before thanks to Mappo. Mappo is a new in-vehicle app that recommends things like books, movies, and historical sites – and Ford will be the first to give it to you.

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According to Stuart Taylor, Global Director of Enterprise Connectivity at Ford Motor Company, Mappo is a great tool for quickly accessing 30,000 cultural references on the go. In some scenarios, this can also enable mansplaining, which is less enjoyable.

“People love telling their friends about interesting places in books, movies, and music – now they can share those passions with the world through Mappo,” said Taylor. “Mappo turns long journeys or short escapes into richer experiences, regardless of whether people stay in their vehicle or get out to experience a landmark.”

You can use voice commands to get information about attractions in a dozen major cities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. You can use the search function to check historical facts, get information on books and films in or about the area, and even plan a trip that will take you to places not to be missed. For example, if you’re in Detroit, you can choose from routes that take you past Motor City manufacturing plants and key Ford locations.

Like Waze, Mappo encourages users to help grow the platform. Mappo users can upload information to local websites and thus enrich the experience for future visitors. If your vehicle has navigation and SYNC AppLink, you can even create your own route with Mappo to connect users to local attractions.

Ford promotes the success of the Tel Aviv Research Center

Ford SYNC Mappo Mustang Mach-EThe Mappo surface is easy to read on the Mach-E’s 15.5-inch touchscreen
Photo: Ford

Mappo is a Tel Aviv-based company and Ford is hailing it as a victory for its Ford Research Center in Israel. The FRC opened in Tel Aviv in 2019 to tap into the country’s burgeoning tech talent pool.

“With Ford Research Center’s strong presence in Israel, we have worked with local businesses and partners in the Israeli tech community to drive innovation and drive our research and engineering efforts,” said Boaz Hartal, Ford Research Center technical director in Israel.

Mappo was the winner of the 2018 Ford MakeItDriveable competition.

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