Fitzy & Wippa host the cocktail party Married At First Sight by Nova 96.9

Last night Nova 96.9s Fitzy & Wippa held a special Married at first sight Event – Fitzy & Wippa is married at first sight dinner party. Takes place in the Shutter Restaurant in Coogee. MAFS Fans were treated to their favorite (and not so favorite) for one night. MAFS Stars and had the opportunity to post a question in the honesty box.

Stars of this season were present Bryce and Melissa, Belinda and Patrick, Joanne, and board.

Joining the MAFS Stars and listeners were novas Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli (who both hosted the night), along with co-host Sarah McGilvray and newsreader Matt de Groot.

Bryce and Melissa, the season’s most controversial couple, attracted a lot of attention. Melissa said that Bryce was the most sincere person she has ever met. When asked what she liked about Bryce, she said Definitely his personality … unless there is another secret girlfriend who wants to come out tonight! He is very sincere, he was 100% the most sincere and kindest person I have met. “

Talking about one of the most controversial moments of the season – when Bryce wrote “Vacation” on his notepad, then crossed it out and wrote “Stay” – and asked if this was just drama for the show.

Bryce replied, “No, the bullying that happened, I thought you know what you don’t see every day on a national TV show when someone is going to do that and I wanted to pull it up, I didn’t mean to do it . Right or Wrong I said what I said, I don’t regret what I did, but it hurt Melissa. I probably should have talked, but at the end of the day I wrote Stay because we didn’t want Rebecca to hurt us as a couple. If we let Rebecca and her words hurt us well as a couple, she won. “

Meanwhile, Nova 100 held their own MAFS cocktail party in Melbourne, which attendees attended Sam said the final dinner party was “like a Jerry Springer episode”.

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