Fire ravages the former UC basketball player’s family

CINCINNATI – Bearcats fans help a family recover and rebuild after a devastating fire hundreds of kilometers away.

Terry Nelson, a former UC basketball player who became a Bearcat commentator, said his family was now facing the homeless vacation. A fire broke through the top floor of an Atlanta apartment building where Nelson’s mother, sister, nieces and nephews live.

Nelson said the only way for his family to escape the fire is from their third-floor window.

“They were standing in front of the window and waiting and people were running to try to get mattresses and they couldn’t wait,” Nelson said.

The dangerous but necessary 30-foot jump saved their lives but seriously injured them.

“My mother broke her leg and ankle and dislocated her shoulder. My sister broke her back and is in critical condition. My niece broke her back too. Both require surgery. My two youngest nephews have burn marks, broken legs and arms, but escaped. My sister, who broke her back, also has a son who injured his back while jumping. “

All injuries require surgery. Nelson said he was concerned about his mother, who passed out from the 30-foot fall.

“I wouldn’t have played at UC without their victim,” he said. “If I hadn’t played at UC, I wouldn’t have played on a team that went to the Final Four and I would.” wouldn’t have had the exposure and wouldn’t have had that lifestyle and wouldn’t have been on TV. If I wasn’t on TV, I wouldn’t have a network of people donating. “

Nelson has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for medical expenses and his family’s recovery from home surgery and evictions.

Here you can read more about the fundraiser and donate.

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