Family dinners available for delivery and pickup at Cincinnati restaurants

Do you need something to take away?

It is now life sustaining for restaurants. And it could be life sustaining for you too, whether you need something to eat and don’t want to go to the grocery store, or whether you’re really not a great cook or just want to make one day appear different from the other. Supporting a restaurant that you like is another great reason.

Many restaurants are open to take away and either deliver or use a third-party service. I couldn’t possibly make a comprehensive list. Check with your favorite restaurants online to see if they are open.

But I am sharing a list of suggestions. This one is for family dinners, possibly the easiest way to get food for everyone. Many of them are inexpensive. Restaurants go out of their way to remain hygienic but please wash your hands before picking up, maybe bring your own pen and use the roadside pickup. And many will sell you bottles of wine or beer, sometimes at a discounted price, which will help their bottom line. You can also have gift cards for sale.

Also, check the websites, but also be sure to check the restaurants’ Facebook or Instagram pages for the latest deals.


Pizza is the original family meal, of course, and I think if you call your favorite pizza you will find they are open. Some do something pretty clever; Offer pizza kits. This way, you and your kids can have the fun of “making” your own pizza.

Joe’s Pizza Napoli in Milford has it. They offer a $ 22 kit that makes two pizzas. They’ll be offering pasta kits soon. Order by phone, 513-248-0082.

The Bourbon House in Florence also makes kits; They are $ 6 and make a small pizza (not their signature deep-dish); The toppings are $ 1 each. 859-282-7999. That’s Catch-A-Fire Pizza in Oakley. They have a $ 15 kit that makes a 16 inch pizza. They deliver too, or you can order one with beer and MadTree will deliver. You do one neighborhood a day. Order pizza online or by phone and pick it up. They only deliver to a limited extent; 513-441-8565.

The House Roast Chicken with Spicy Ohio Maple Corn Muffins at Cozy's Cafe and Pub Friday May 26, 2017.


Fried and other chicken is good for family meals. Silver Spring House in Symmes Township has their regular menu for pickup (or delivery if the order is over $ 100). And they added several family meals: their house special citrus marinated grilled chicken with 2-quarter birds and 3-quarters dark plus four sides is $ 45. They also have a Chicken Parmesan Dinner, a Fish Dinner, and a Chicken Tender Dinner for $ 32-45 for four. Order by phone; 513-489-7044.

On Sunday, Goose and Elder have dinner of fried chicken (with crème brulée for dessert), 8 pieces of chicken with a large salad and biscuits, mac and cheese, and a roll of toilet paper. In the meantime the regular menu is available. 513-579-8400.

Montgomery Inn


The grill is perfect for family style meals.

The Montgomery Inn in Montgomery and the Montgomery Inn Boathouse in downtown take online orders for family packages: For 2-4 people, it’s a platter of ribs, chicken or wings, Saratoga chips, salad and cake for $ 59.95; for 6-8 it is 2 platters, chicken or wings, salad or coleslaw and a whole cake. You bring it to your car. 513-791-3482 in Montgomery or 513-721-7427 in downtown.

The Incline House in Price Hill has put a new grill cart in the parking lot: The Incline Smoke Shack. They offer a $ 40 smoked short rib family dinner and a $ 30 pulled pork family dinner. You can order online at 513-234-0932.


Firebirds Wood Fired Grill in Mason offers a wide variety of family meals for four from US $ 29.95. Each meal is served 4 and comes with salad, side dishes, bread & butter and dessert. Barbecue ribs, chicken pasta, salmon, sirloin, cheeseburger are your choices. Order online at; 513-234-9032.

The Union Farmstand Market & Cafe has family dinners for 4 and is priced at $ 40. Example: Sloppy Joe casserole with cornbread. Find daily meals, pick-up information on Facebook; 859-817-1134.

Pickled Pork in Walnut Hills has family daily specials, as well as a full menu and salads by the quart. Check out the Facebook page for special offers. Call to order and pick up. 513-748-7114.

Cosy’s Cafe and Pub in Liberty Township has family-style dinners that serve four from $ 38 to $ 48. There is a choice of fried chicken, a chipotle pesto pasta with salad and bread, and short ribs with mashed potatoes, green beans and cookies. If you order by phone, they will deliver by the roadside. 513-644-9365.

Mom's chocolate chip cookie with a piece of cookie dough from the Crown Republic Gastropub on Sycamore Street in downtown Cincinnati.

Crown Republic, Downtown, offers a reduced menu, as well as DIY pasta kits and pizza kits. Pizza costs $ 18 and feeds two to four, comes with a salad; Pasta kit is $ 22 or $ 25 with rigatoni. You can add salads or soups, and when you heat up the oven for the pizza you can order a tub of cookie dough and make cookies too. They’ll be doing other family specials throughout the week; 513-246-4272.

The Brew River Creole Kitchen in Linwood has a different family dinner each night of the week. There will be Mediterranean or Cajun specialties from the menu. On Tuesday there was fried chicken breast with buttermilk, potatoes, corn on the cob and chocolate beer brownie. It’s $ 15 per person. Check their facebook to find out the special, and order online or by phone for pickup or curb.

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