Explore Earth and Space Sciences at the Virgin Islands Children’s Museum

Girls learn about objects in our universe by playing a guessing game. (Photo submitted)

The Explore Science: Earth & Space demonstrations at the Virgin Islands Children’s Museum are part of a nationwide celebration of educational programs designed to engage audiences in the impressive fields of earth and space sciences. This exciting opportunity is an opportunity to connect with the current scientific research of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and to explore terrestrial and space phenomena.

Learners make a quake by shaking spring toys and standing at various distances to find out how that distance can change the effects of a quake. (Photo submitted)

The event includes exciting science, takeaway materials, and engaging discussions about science and society. Groups have the chance to build their own spin-art nebula, play the Mission to Space game, explore star formation, discuss what it might be like to mine an asteroid, and much more!

These fun activities introduce guests to NASA’s ongoing research in heliophysics, earth sciences, planetary sciences, and astrophysics, and enable hands-on interaction with concepts in Earth and space sciences.

Discover Science: Earth & Space at the Children’s Museum of the Virgin Islands. (Photo submitted)

Girl scouts visited the VI Children’s Museum on Saturday March 27th for its first Explore Science event. Girls in grades 2 through 6 enjoyed seeing how stars and nebulae form, playing space games, discovering how gravity affects orbiting objects, and much more.

The museum invites groups of up to 20 students and their companions to these 1 ½ hour scientific demonstrations. Students of all ages are welcome; However, it is better to have teens of a similar age to experience the activities at a given event.

A girl scout creates Nebula Spin Art. Press release. (Photo submitted)

Each group demo booking is $ 275. If a VI company would like to sponsor local youth organizations for Explore Science at VICM, please contact the museum at [email protected].

The Explore Science: Earth & Space project is led by Arizona State University in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkits are developed and sold nationwide by the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Net). Demonstrations take place in 350 museums and institutions across the country.

A moon shaking table: The participants get to know the seismology of the earth and moon. (Photo submitted)

The National Informal MINT Education Network (NISE Network) is a national community of informal educators and scientists dedicated to promoting public awareness, engagement, and understanding of current science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

For more information on NISE Net and to download a digital toolkit for Explore Science: Earth & Space, please visit: www.nisenet.org.

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