Election results raise questions about the status of third parties in Ohio

The Greens and the Libertarian Party of Ohio appear to be on the verge of ceasing to be recognized as smaller parties, based on the results of last week’s vote and a 2013 state bill. However, a spokesman for one of those parties said that this law actually protects their status.

The law states that in a gubernatorial or presidential election, smaller parties need 3 percent of the vote to maintain their status.

But Libertarian Party spokesman David Jackson says the law applies to parties over a year old – and that law cleared his party, which was restored after petitions filed this summer. So Jackson said that the Libertarian Party of Ohio cannot lose its status and they will consider legal action if they do.

“We will take the right and necessary steps so that the foreign minister can read the law at the time he takes the liberty of making any decision he will make,” he said.

The libertarian ticket for the governor received just under 2 percent of the vote. The Greens got a little over 1 percent, but Jackson said the 2013 law didn’t erase that party so they could lose their status.

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