Duke Energy Holiday Trains are back at the Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – The Duke Energy Holiday Trains exhibit is back for the holidays at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The trains have been around for 74 years and during that time they had multiple houses, but now they will be permanently housed in the museum.

With the new excavations, there are also some new additions to the display.

An addition is a contactless picture book that guests can use with the gesture of the hand telling the story of the trains. Another innovation are the additions to Brickopolis, the LEGO City Display.

Santa Claus will also be in the exhibition, but this year he will be behind Plexiglas. This is to keep the guests safe and healthy and to ensure that Santa is in good shape for his big night in December. The guests can still talk to Santa Claus and give him a wish list.

Another important change to the exhibition this year, however, is the riding train.

“The riding train is not running this year,” said Cody Hefner, media relations manager at the museum center. “It was really big for the little ones, but we cleaned it up and kept it clean every time and really slowed that process down. We just didn’t feel comfortable with it …”

Instead of the train, however, the museum center will conduct a scavenger hunt along the train route so you can continue to enjoy the route.

If you want to go to the exhibition, you need to reserve tickets online in advance. You can do this by clicking here.

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