DuckDuckGo takes on the latest ad tracking technology from Google

Google, the most famous search engine in the world, offers everything a user needs, but also many irritating functions. Did you know that Google can track our location while browsing and that it knows a lot about us than our friends? You may have wondered how exactly the search engine giant makes money. Well, Google makes most of its money displaying ads.

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According to the latest information, Google has launched a new technology that will replace third-party cookies.

But Google’s rival DuckDuckGo has already announced that it plans to block this technology with its Chrome extension from Google. However, Google states that the new technology is a more privacy-focused way to track users and show them the advertisements. However, some privacy organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation have claimed that it could be harmful to consumers.

According to sources, the technology sorts users into groups based on their behavior. Advertisers can then target these groups rather than individuals. However, the data protection organization states that FLoC IDs can still be bad for consumers, contain potentially sensitive information, and provide another data point that advertisers can use to individually identify you.

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To address the problem, DuckDuckGo announced that the latest version of its Chrome extension would prevent websites from tracking users through their FLoC identification. However, the search engine also stated that it needed Google’s approval to share its extension.

DuckDuckGo opposing Google’s new technology is nothing new. Since the search engine’s main selling point is user privacy, DuckDuckGo will always advocate protecting users who do not want to be tracked. Google’s technology isn’t even in testing yet, and other companies are already trying to block it.


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