Democrats are delivering results for Kentucky where Republicans have failed

The DNC recently announced its first ever “Build Back Better” bus tour.

The facts suggest one conclusion: Democrats deliver for the people of Kentucky.

Earlier this week, the first step in modernizing our infrastructure and repairing our roads and bridges was passed by the democratically led US Senate. It will likely soon pass through the Democrat-controlled US house and land on President Joe Biden’s desk to become law.

Timing is good because it’s been a little over six months since the Democrats took control of the White House and Congress, with promises to do what Republicans couldn’t – deliver results.

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The fact that at our six-month check-in, the Democrats have just passed a crucial part of our Build Back Better plan and are beginning to pass another plan, suggests a conclusion: the Democrats are delivering for the people of Kentucky.

At the federal level, President Joe Biden and the Democrats are delivering results and building better for the American people without the help of Republicans. And in Frankfurt, Governor Andy Beshear has positioned Kentucky for a full recovery from the pandemic while making the tough decisions necessary to keep our safety.

In a short space of time, President Biden, Chairman John Yarmuth, and the Democrats in Congress quickly passed the American Rescue Plan, which brought immediate relief to Kentuckians this spring and a tax cut for middle-class families through the child tax credit starting in July.

In contrast, the Kentucky Republicans in Congress have stood in the way of the action Americans need. Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Thomas Massie have spent most of their time downplaying vaccines, undermining their needs, and deliberately confusing Kentuckers. And if they don’t spread misinformation about COVID-19, they worry about protecting the native terrorists who have stormed our capitol and tried to overthrow our democracy. Just shameful.

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Congressman James Comer is busy suggesting ideas he has already voted against while making sure he’s on Fox News as often as possible. And every single Republican in Kentucky voted against a tax cut for middle-class families just years after Republicans swiftly approved large tax breaks for the rich. Shameful again.

New roads are being built, schools are being upgraded, and more communities are getting broadband and drinking water upgrades across Kentucky, thanks to the US rescue plan and under the direction of Governor Beshear. Madison County will see improvements to the airport; Oldham County will see road improvements near their schools; and Shelby County is seeing upgrades to their sewer systems, to name a few projects.

Governor Beshear announces new jobs and investments across the state. Kentucky’s year-to-date private sector resettlement and expansion figures include total planned investments of $ 2.6 billion and the creation of more than 5,500 full-time jobs over the coming years. Through July, the average Kentucky incentive hourly wage before benefits is $ 23.47, up 6.2% year over year

Hundreds of jobs have been posted for Whitley County, Henderson, Bowling Green, Covington, and Louisville just in the past few weeks.

Kentuckians want well-paying jobs in their communities; they want their roads repaired and their schools in good shape. In just seven months, the Democrats are meeting all of those needs that the Republicans have done nothing for in the past four years.

It’s still a long way to our next election in November 2022, but if the first half of this year is any sign of that, the “D” next to the Democratic candidates on the ballot should be a reminder that the Democrats are delivering.

Colmon Elridge is the chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

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