Democrat David Mann jumps into the mayor’s race of 2021

The Democrat David Mann is officially running for Mayor of Cincinnati in 2021, the longtime politician told supporters in a letter late last week.

The city council said its experience was critical in helping Cincinnati recover from the coronavirus pandemic. The city has a staggering budget deficit of $ 90 million for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1.

Mann, who served as mayor in the early 1980s and then early 1990s, confirmed the letter to The Enquirer. “The letter speaks for itself,” said the Clifton resident. “It’s exciting. Keep playing.”

The 80-year-old man is officially the only candidate in the running, although his Democratic compatriot and councilor PG Sittenfeld is also planning to succeed John Cranley. Cranley is said to be limited at the end of next year.

Sittenfeld has already raised more than $ 615,000 and doesn’t necessarily have to rush to officially launch his campaign.

Mann, a former single-term congressman, has chaired the city council’s budget and finance committee since beginning his last term in January 2018.

“I pledge proven leadership skills to help move the city forward, especially as we navigate a post-pandemic world,” Mann wrote in the letter. “Our community deserves serious options to get us back on track.”

For months, Mann had considered entering the mayor’s race. He consulted his wife, Betsy, and several political leaders and donors, including longtime friend and former mayor of Cincinnati, Jerry Springer.

“I would support David Mann in anything he ran for because it is inconceivable that David Mann would make an irrational decision,” Springer told The Enquirer’s That’s So Cincinnati Podcast last month. “He’s like you ran up to your father for advice. Add to his demeanor and rationality, intelligence and knowledge, and that’s pretty hard to beat.”

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