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Even if there are no students in class during the summer vacation, it is the busiest time of year for the IT department. It gives us the ability to update and install new technology, which is not always possible when there are staff and students in our buildings. This summer was no exception with the completion of several projects.

Our first project involved installing a new clock / sound system for elementary, high and middle school. Since the old systems could not be upgraded, it was best to install a new system. One of the best features for our staff and students is that clocks throughout the district are automatically updated with changes in daylight saving time. In addition, the PA system has the option of calling individual zones and setting up multiple doorbell plans. This is a great option as it allows us to adapt to the needs of our students in each building.

Our second project was to upgrade our data center and the door / camera systems. These systems include new servers, cameras and storage, as well as electronic access to multiple doors. For the continued safety of our students, employees and visitors, we add additional cameras to cover parking lots, storage and playground areas. The data center project consisted of a new HPE DHCI solution consisting of two virtual machine hosts, two fiber optic switches and a nimble storage array. The data center is behind the scenes, always working and really is the core of the Dakota Valley filesystem which keeps our work safe and accessible at all times. Both systems have been a huge undertaking and of great benefit to the Dakota Valley students and staff.

Dakota Valley ensures students and teachers have the latest technology. To this end, we carry out a planned technology rotation every three years. This year, Dakota Valley High School students received new HP EliteBook 430 laptops. With the largest student body in high schools to date, it was a challenge but also very rewarding to prepare these units for our students. Our employees are also involved in this planned device rotation and receive Dell 7420 tablet computers. One of our main goals is to achieve 100 percent seamless and successful access for all teachers, staff and students on the first day of school. The work we do in the summer months is geared towards this goal.

In the ever-changing world of technology, at Dakota Valley we are looking for new and innovative ways that will really change the way teaching is delivered. Our technology department is committed to not only delivering new equipment, but also to work with teachers to transform learning today and in the future. We are here to support these efforts in any way we can and look forward to a great school year 2021/22.

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