Cranley, Republicans Praise Steve Goodin’s selection for the Cincinnati City Council seat

Cincinnati attorney Steve Goodin was sworn in on the Cincinnati City Council on Monday.

Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph “Ted” Winkler chose to appoint Goodin as a temporary replacement for Alderman Jeff Pastor, who was suspended from his seat on the town council after serving on November 10 for federal bribes Had been arrested in connection with a gambling payment plan.

The appointment is unusual because it is based on a suspension that no one in local Cincinnati politics can recall. The city charter prompts other council members to elect a member’s replacement, but this is only the case in cases where the council member leaves voluntarily.

The appointment comes after three council members, including Pastor, were arrested for bribery related to pay-to-play systems. Several councilors have proposed ideas to eradicate corruption. Goodin said he planned to come up with ideas of his own and said the corruption cleanup must begin immediately.

This is what people say:

Alex Triantafilou, Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman: “Steve Goodin will make an outstanding addition to the Cincinnati City Council. His background as a military officer, distinguished attorney, former prosecutor, and keen sense will serve him very well. City hall cleanup starts today. Great Choice.”

Betsy Sundermann, Cincinnati Republican Councilor: We urgently need courageous, fearless leaders on Cincinnati City Council to root out corruption. I look forward to working with Steve Goodin and other city council members who value integrity and accountability.

Liz Keating, A 2021 Republican Cincinnati City Council candidate who some thought might be temporarily nominated: “I would like to congratulate Steve Goodin on his appointment to Cincinnati City Council. I am confident he will serve with passion and energy. His job, and our job is a big one – we must work together to eradicate the corruption in City Hall. “

Christopher Smitherman, Independent Cincinnati City Council:“Judge Winkler’s appointment is a solid appointment. He has a high level of skill on certain issues such as development and the city’s retirement city which is the greatest risk to the city. He brings an independence that is really important at the moment . I believe I can debate public policy while meeting him with the confidence that no decision has been made behind the scenes. “

Mayor John Cranley, Democrat: “I met Steve Goodin while we were working on the annuity contract and he did a great job serving the interests of the city. I look forward to working with him on the council.”

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