Could Cincinnati’s next hot spot be West 4th Street?

CINCINNATI – Local developers have their eye on a new area in Cincinnati, hoping it could become the city’s next hot spot: Historic West 4th Street Downtown is just four blocks, but its history is deeply rooted in Cincinnati.

The developers hope that the addition of shops, apartments, and even breweries will bring new life and meaning to the old, historic buildings along the street.

Local residents such as Doug Sawan and his wife, who moved to West 4th St. after their retirement, are keen to see a new lease on the historic buildings.

“You look at some of the names on the side of the building,” said Doug Sawan, who lives on West Fourth St..

If you are driving around the neighborhood, it won’t be long before developments along the road will pick up.

Cranes are taking their place in the area and ready to begin work on buildings that will become new homes and businesses over time.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” said Mike Brown, president of Rebel Mettle Brewery, which the community calls home in February. “Look at the variety of buildings, architecture and people here.”

Listermann Brewing will also move into a building on West 4th St. in the course of 2020.

The Loring Group takes over the project and pumps 150 million US dollars into the region. The total development funds from companies interested in investing in the neighborhood will grow to over $ 500 million.

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