Community leaders appear to be proactive in preventing child abuse

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How Prince Philip brought religions together at the historic summit to “protect the created world”

Prince Philip’s coordination of landmark global interfaith summits made him “an inspiration for the world’s largest civil society movement,” Friends said. The Duke of Edinburgh, who had a strong Christian faith, was a passionate advocate of interfaith dialogue. He used his personal beliefs, connections with other royal families, and platform to encourage global religious leaders to work together to protect the “created world,” and organized summits that paved the way for contemporary conservation policies and actions. After his death, religious leaders, charities, and organizations recognized his interfaith work. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. Justin Welby, paid tribute to the prince and said: “The legacy he leaves is enormous. His work with countless charities and organizations reflected his extensive global interest in topics such as wildlife, sports and design, engineering and interfaith dialogue. Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis expressed condolences to the royal family after the loss of the “selfless and loyal public figure”, adding: “We remember the Duke’s interaction and affection with and connection with the Jewish community in Britain Israel, where his mother is buried and what he visited in 1994. “

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