Column: Technology Through the Years | Columnists

I now feel sorry for my son who has to phone to try to find out about my new home technology. How can I cast what’s on my computer screen to the TV or get Alexa working or library books on that little screen pad thing? Once again the terminology becomes a stumbling block.

Me: I don’t see any attitudes.

Him: It’s the settings icon.

Me: how does it look?

Him: It’s the thing that looks like a gear.

People who grew up with computers know what’s hidden on a screen. It’s like you’ve played Super Mario Brothers for the first time. Little did you know that there were things hidden on the screen for you to find until your 7 year old showed you how and where to find blocks, mushrooms and fireballs. If you don’t have children in the house, not only do you not know what things are, but you also have no idea how to pronounce them. My friends and I were discussing WiFi, memes and GIFs one night with such a misunderstanding and mispronunciation that we hardly knew what the others were trying to say.

I recently treated myself to a smartwatch. I love the way it not only tracks the laps I swim but also records what strokes I use. I’m not sure this is helpful information, but it’s amazing that it can be. I’m sure my watch can do more than I know, and I learn more about it by harassing young friends.

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