Colmon Elridge selected as the new chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party

“As a Kentuckian, it is an honor to be asked to lead my party into the future. I am grateful to Governor Beshear for his friendship, leadership, guidance and confidence in my ability to lead our party. As a father, it is humble to be able to live the prayer my parents prayed for my sister and me, and that Victoria and I pray for our three boys – that when they grow up they can be anything they want – including the head of her own state political party, ”Elridge said. “As a black man, the first in his immediate family to be born with the right to vote, it is an honor to be able to make history today. I believe the Kentucky Democratic Party has a strong future ahead of it, and I can’t wait to apply things I’ve learned from my experience to help Democratic candidates win in 2022 and beyond. “

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