College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati Presents Virtual Senior Showcase

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and the University of Cincinnati’s musical theater program, the oldest and first accredited musical theater program in the country, are hosting an exclusive online senior storefront for their fifteen graduating seniors after they canceled their New York storefront on April 15 COVID-19. Backed and activated by contributions from key alumni of the school, the musical theater program follows in its own footsteps from premieres that curated the first senior showcase program of its kind for New York agents and casting directors in 1993 and is now the first to move The entire platform will become a digital experience from April 1, 2020.

As the social distancing recommendation becomes a requirement in the face of the novel coronavirus spread, the school and its provisional chair remain committed to providing graduates with a much-needed introduction to New York industry’s influential networks, such as agents and casting – Directors are thrilled to have filled the seats of this acclaimed storefront for the past 27 years. With the technical assistance of alumni creative teams from The Network and Chisholm Designs of New York, the department has updated an online digital portal that includes recordings of solo performances and medleys booked by ensemble showstoppers for the opening and closing of the ensemble become. Agents and casting directors also have direct access to each cast member, their headshot, resume and messaging components to schedule callbacks, meetings and, ultimately, opportunities.

“The people in musical theater are a resilient and collaborative group of people who rise up in times of crisis to create art and lift the spirit,” says program interim chair Diane Lala. “The faculty at CCM believes it is important to continue our time-honored tradition of leading our seniors into an industry that is ready to embrace them,” she continues. “So many agents and casting directors have reached out to us to nurture this new group of young talent, and thanks to the generous support of our alumni, we’ve implemented this new platform for showcase presentation, living room and casting tables everywhere.”

Through its commitment to advancing professional careers, CCM has helped nurture the talents of TONY winners Faith Prince and Karen Olivo, Broadway artists John Riddle, Ashley Brown, Matt Bogart, Shoshanna Bean, Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer, Christy Altomare, Betsey Wolfe and Max to promote Clayton and more as well as choreographers Josh Prince and Connor Gallagher and producer Kevin McCullum.

Industry insiders can request access to the showcase content by writing to [email protected] or logging in at

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