ClicRtechnologies donates livestock weighing technology to the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Local

TIFTON – New technologies are available to students at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College thanks to a $ 40,000 donation to ClicRtechnologies’ ABAC Foundation. A ClicRweight Bovine Solution System is used in the beef unit of ABAC’s JG Woodroof Farm.

Mark Kistler, Dean of the ABAC School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, is pleased about the partnership with ClicRtechnologies.

“The ClicRweight Bovine Solution System will provide valuable data for the management and operation of our beef unit,” said Kistler. “More importantly, it is used by many of our academic programs, such as animal science and production, as well as agribusiness and agrotechnology and systems management.”

Kistler said that the students’ use of the latest technology will help them have the knowledge and skills they need for future employment.

Joseph Spicola Sr., chairman and CEO of ClicRtechnologies, said he believes that ranchers must adopt or lag behind technology because technology is the future of agriculture.

“We hope to highlight the skills acquired in the various degrees and programs offered at ABAC to encourage people to pursue an education in agriculture,” said Spicola. “We believe ABAC will give ranchers and small family businesses the opportunity to see this revolutionary technology firsthand.”

ClicRtechnologies develops technologies that are given weight in challenging situations. The ClicRweight Bovine Solution System uses 3D imaging technology that allows the weights of cattle, pigs and alligators to be read without disrupting the animals’ routine.

“The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources appreciates the generosity of Mr. Spicola and all of ClicRtechnologies,” said Kistler. “We look forward to a long partnership.”

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