Cincinnatis Kroger Co. pays $ 100 to workers given pandemic vaccine

Kroger Co., the largest supermarket chain based in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States, issued a statement late Friday that the operator of a hypermarket chain would offer hourly workers who would agree to participate in a nationwide pandemic vaccination campaign. That would be the latest in a growing list of US retailers who had incentivized employees to get vaccinated against the causative agent of the pandemic as soon as possible.

In fact, the latest move by Kroger Co., the 141-year-old second-largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the US, which also runs high-profile banners like Harris Teeter and Ralphs in 35 states, came just weeks after the Ohio-based supermarket chain more than After hiring 100,000 new employees to cope with a surge in demand, millions of pandemically cautious American consumers turned to home delivery and roadside pickups.

Kroger Co invests $ 50 million in employee bonuses

That being said, the supermarket chain operator would invest an additional $ 50 million in rewards for its employees, according to a statement released later this week by Kroger Co, while the additional spending would add $ 100 in store credit as well as 1,000 gas stations for its hourly coverage would cover manpower.

In particular, a number of U.S. retailers had already taken similar measures to encourage their U.S. employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible, while large U.S. retailers such as Dollar General, Instacart, Trader Joe’s and German supermarket chain Aldi offered incentives had to go to their hourly workers to persuade them to get vaccinations against pandemics.

More importantly, Pfizer Inc. announced earlier last month that it would vaccinate up to 100 million Americans, or nearly a third of the country’s total population, by May this year, while U.S. President Joe Biden also expressed optimism last month – a significant one Number of Americans would be vaccinated before spring 2021.

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