Cincinnati Tennis Foundation donates new courts to Withrow High School

June 3, 2021

Tennis isn’t a cheap sport, and that’s why the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation is making the sport more accessible to Withrow High School students.

According to the foundation, it can cost a total of around $ 300,000 for a child to play tennis between the ages of 5 and 18.

“Tennis is a sport that is really difficult to access,” said Matt Detkas, executive director of the Cincinnati Tennis Foundation. “Historically, it’s a sport for the rich. And we want to change that.”

The foundation plans to renovate the Withrow High School tennis courts for the first time in about 50 years, as well as adding 10 more courts and a $ 10 million indoor tennis facility in the future. Free summer camps are also offered for low-income families.

“We will supply all children who need rackets, balls or such equipment,” said Dektas.

There will also be an adaptive tennis camp for children with disabilities.

The foundation doesn’t just want to produce great athletes. They have partnered with Cincinnati Public Schools, the University of Cincinnati, and Xavier University to create a curriculum for students to study and play in.

“You will find computers; we will have many resources and activities in mathematics, culture and scientific experiments,” said Vanessa Rigaud, assistant professor at XU.

Rigaud says she remembers spending entire summer days on tennis courts when she was young and she looks forward to being part of building a tennis community for children.

“We are in a position where we can start now,” said Dektas. “And then hopefully that will change many lives.”

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